12/03/2013 2:17PM

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredits 20 new facilities


The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) has accredited 20 additional Thoroughbred aftercare facilities, which are now eligible to receive financial grants from the TAA for the ongoing care of retired Thoroughbreds.

The TAA is a non-profit organization designed to serve as both an accrediting body for facilities that care for Thoroughbreds following the conclusion of their racing careers, and a fundraising body to support these approved facilities. Following the application process and onsite examinations by TAA inspectors and independent veterinarians, each of the newly approved facilities was judged to have met or exceeded the TAA Code of Standards in the areas of operations, education, horse care management, facility standards and services, and adoption policies and protocols.

The newly accredited facilities are: Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue of Pawling, N.Y.; Angel Acres Horse Haven of Glenville, Pa.; CANTER, California of Los Gatos, Calif.; CANTER, Ohio of Mentor, Ohio; Equine Encore of Tucson, Ariz.; Glen Ellen Vocational Academy of Glen Ellen, Calif.; Humanity for Horses of Mt. Shasta, Calif.; Kentucky Equine Humane Center of Lexington, Ky.; Long Run Thoroughbred Retirement Society of Toronto, Ontario; Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue of Chesapeake City, Md.; Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement of Salem, Conn.; Neigh Savers Foundation of Walnut Creek, Calif.; New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society of Surrey, British Columbia; Old Friends of Georgetown, Ky.; ReRun of Virginia Beach, Va.; The Exceller Fund of Lexington, Ky.; Thoroughbred Placement Resources of Upper Marlboro, Md.; Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue of San Diego, Calif.; TROTT USA of Laguna Hills, Calif.; and United Pegasus Foundation of Tehachapi, Calif.   

These facilities join the TAA’s first three accredited facilities, Florida Thoroughbred Retirement and Adoptive Care, New Vocations, and Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue, for a total of 23 TAA accredited facilities.

“We’re thrilled to grant accreditation to these worthy organizations in recognition of the great work they’re doing, TAA Executive Director James Hastie said. “Each of these facilities has undergone a rigorous review process to ensure that they are providing a uniform level of care for our retired Thoroughbreds, and we are pleased to invite them to apply for funding.”

To view the requirements for TAA accreditation and the complete TAA Code of Standards for aftercare facilities, please visit the accreditation page on the TAA website. The 2014 Code of Standards and the application for accreditation will be available in February 2014.