10/08/2014 1:56PM

Tait to leave Darley operation in November


Olly Tait, Darley’s chief operating officer, will leave the organization in November, concluding a 15-year tenure.

Tait, a native of Australia, became the COO of Jonabell Farm, Darley’s U.S. base of operations, in 2008. Prior to that, Tait worked at Darley Japan and served as general manager of Darley’s Australian interests, overseeing the purchase of Woodlands Farm and its horses.

Tait was relocated to Newmarket, England in 2010 to become COO of the Darley’s global operation, where he has since been based.

“The last fifteen years have been challenging and exciting and I will always value the time that I have had in such a dynamic and ambitious environment,” Tait said. “I am very grateful for the opportunities that Sheikh Mohammed and Darley have provided me.  Now is the right time in my career for me to seek new challenges and explore other opportunities within the thoroughbred industry.”