03/07/2007 12:00AM

Table games advance in West Virginia


The West Virginia Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would legalize table games such as poker, blackjack, and craps at the state's four parimutuel facilities, including Charles Town Races and Mountaineer Park.

A similar version of the legislation had passed earlier in the state's House of Delegates. Because there are difference between the two bills - including a cut in the revenues that would go to dog and horse purses - the legislation passed by the Senate was sent back to the House on Wednesday. If the bill is passed there, it would be sent to Gov. Joe Manchin for his signature.

Under the legislation passed on Tuesday, racetracks would retain 65 percent of the revenue from the games, while the state would receive 35 percent. Of the state's share, purses would receive 2.5 percent of the revenue, and breeding development funds would get 2 percent of the revenue, down from a total of 6 percent in the house version of the bill.