Updated on 09/21/2013 6:18PM

Suspected case of equine herpesvirus puts Bowie barn under quarantine; preliminary tests negative for virus


The Maryland Jockey Club placed a barn at the Bowie Training Center under a quarantine Saturday because of a suspected case of equine herpesvirus. Although preliminary tests came back negative for the virus, the quarantine was to remain in effect until the results are confirmed by additional tests early next week.

The MJC issued what it terms a “hold order” on Barn 16 at the training center, which is located about 30 miles southwest of Baltimore. A horse in the barn was euthanized Saturday morning after showing signs of being infected with the herpesvirus, known as EHV-1.

The barn, which houses horses trained by Annette Eubanks, Bobby Lee Plummer, and Patrick Magill, has been placed under a 24-hour security watch and horses are not allowed to enter or leave.

EHV-1 is a common virus that typically produces upper-respiratory symptoms, but in its most serious form can mutate and lead to neurological distress and even death.