06/13/2016 8:13AM

Surface switches result in $146 payoff for Golden Pick 6


The Golden Pick 6 ended the Golden Gate Fields meet with a whimper, not a bang Sunday when jockeys refused to ride on the turf course, forcing two races in the sequence to be switched from the turf to the main track.

Because the switch occurred after the sequence had started, the races were considered no-contests for the Golden Pick 6, and bettors were given all horses in both races. As a result, each winning ticket paid only $146.16 from the pool of $4,594,997. There were 31,438 winning tickets.

The Golden Pick 6 jackpot was required to be paid on Sunday, the final day of the meet. The jackpot usually is paid only when there is a single winning ticket, but on Sunday, anyone with all six winners shared in the payout. The jackpot had not been hit since Feb. 27.

The Golden Pick 6 comprised races 7-12 on Sunday. The jockeys informed Golden Gate management after the ninth race that they would not ride in the 10th and 12th races, citing unsafe turf conditions. Management did not agree that the course was unsafe, but acceded to the jockeys' wishes and switched the two races to the Tapeta main track.

“We are truly sorry and we understand that this is a very disappointing outcome for our horseplayers and fans that participated so enthusiastically here on closing day,” said Joe Morris, senior vice president, West Coast operations for track owner The Stronach Group. “We did not agree the turf course was unsafe, and we were disappointed the jockeys didn’t communicate with us earlier. However, after the jockeys informed us about their concerns, we had no choice but to make the surface change to our main track.

“The safety of our athletes, both human and equine, is always our top priority.”

The Golden Pick 6 began with a dead heat for win in the first leg, race 7, with Fresh Bobcat ($17) and Llobo ($8) both earning a maiden victory.

Bottle Blonde scored an $11.20 win in the second leg, race 8, which was run on turf, and Foxtrot Romeo ($9.40) won the third leg, race 9.

Beautranda scored a $23 victory in the 10th race, the first of the two races transferred from turf to the main track. Second choice Duchessa ($8.40) defeated favored stablemate Run Sophia Run to win the fifth leg, race 11. Golden Ocean ($15.40) won the finale, race 12, in the second race transferred from turf to the main track.

donnalee1229 11 months ago
 i had 6 of 6 & i played a $3.20 ticket. i should have won a lot more money than i did. i think the track management should be investigated. why didn't they take the turf races off the turf before the pick 6  started. it's ironic that they waited til after the pick 6 started. the pot would have been a lot less if they did it before the pick 6 so they made a lot more money for themselves. race 6 went off at 3:24pm  & the turf was listed as firm. how can the turf change on a beautiful sunny day in 2 hours. i think all of us that had 6 of 6 should file a civil suit & if enough people do it could turn into a class action suit. they should not be able to get away with this.
Ian GW 11 months ago
Players probably put huge tickets in too. Between this and CD SMH. I dont play the Pk6 but this is odd and don't smell right. It's a bet that hurts the integrity of the game to get carryovers and one day mandatory pays. CD is wasting an entire meet right now to get to a one day mandatory. 
bill moore 11 months ago
Though the pick 6 was an operations and marketing disaster sure to push Golden Gate further down into the lower echelon of race tracks, the truth is that the $146 'Pick 6' payoff on $0.20 was a boon due to the carryover. The payoff is equivalent to a $730 payoff for a $1 pick 3 ticket (since winning tickets only needed to select the winners of the first 3 races). The combined $1 pick 3 payout (2 winning tickets of $215 + $88 due to a 1st leg dead heat dead heat) was $303. Thus a $240% premium over Pick 3.

Brian Russell 11 months ago
The next time you decide to do much so much analysis, you might want to start with the correct data.  You had to have 4, not 3, winners.
Jim Brightman 11 months ago
The rule should be changed. There was a race and a real winner. There is no need to void the race for pick six wagering purposes. I understand that players handicapped for a turf race but this is gambling. Change the rule and don't ever let this outcome occur again.
V limited 11 months ago
Thats exactly what should have happened,just like anyother day when it rains and the race is taken off the turf,The only difference is if your horse gets scratched you get the betting favorite....i think.
V limited 11 months ago
I had 5 winners in a row , of mostly longshots on a triple carryover at Fairplex awhile back with the pool at 250000.00 heading into the last race when at the start of that last race a horse flipped at the gate and started running in the opposite direction of which my two picks were runninng 1-2 turning for home ...then the track crew ran out onto the track with their hands up telling the jockeys to stop,plus the track announcer was telling them to stop down the stretch.. everything stopped.Then after about an hour of waiting and thinking it was gonna be an ALL race and hitting the pick six for a huge share...the announcement was made that the last race was declared a non- race and under California section this and that ...the pick six was CANCELED and everyone was refunded their original wager !!!  Can you believe it!!  I got my 8.00 back...I was robbed and never bet at that track again....They make up their own rules especially when they want to get their and their buddies money back...In this case the scam was simple..they ALLed the 7,8,9 and 11th race and singled the 10th and 12 th race for a 550.00 bet for every 20 cent ticket  knowing after doing the math that at the very least it would pay 100.00 for each winning combo of which this ticket had 30 winning combos...but of course many of them repeated the bet 10 20 100 times because it was a sure winner and gauranteed  ROI...This is why the pool was expected to reach 4 million and it reached 6 million because of their GREED....Or MAYBE they really did have good intentions by cancelling the last two turf races on the last day of a long long meet...LOL...YEAH...RIGHT!!
Curtis Stallard 11 months ago
Dude, your math is f'ed up. You're backwards. The Golden Gate scam ticket you describe would only be one winning combo. A scam ticket would want to be ALL in races 10 and 12, and singled or thinned down in races 7,8,9 and 11. That would be 120 combos (240 if you had the dead heat).
I had the dead heat and spread 8 deep in races 10 and 12, BUT ... singled Run Sophia Run in race 11. I did hit on my hedge Pick 4 though, but I only got half of what I could have going by the will pays they "accidentally" posted - $1015 for .50 to the winner Golden Ocean.
V limited 11 months ago
Congrats on your pick 4...Sorry but the scam only works by those Crooks in Cahoots singling the two races they KNOW are going to be moved off the turf and will be automatic winners so now all you need to do is ALL the other four races to gaurantee hitting the pick six  9 times for the ALL in race 7, 7 times for the all in race 8, 7 times for race 9 and 7 times for race 11...thats 30 winners X 146.00 for a pretty good 4380.00 return on a 550.00 bet that you know is going to hit once you take those two races off the turf...so can you imagine some of those crooks getting 10,20 50 of those plays for a  40000.00 -200000.00 score. Kinda ironic how their were no scratches AFTER the announcement that they were moved Off the turf ,only scratches before at the beginning of the 1st race regarding those two turf races. These days the only time I win is when I happened to bet the horse that was drugged,or the one that secretly worked out (ala Seabiscut) Or was moved up during a DQ or had a sober Jockey. Good ole handicapping just doesnt cut it anymore...What  a sham!
Curtis Stallard 11 months ago
Dude. Just take the 1st leg, race 7, as an example. Only the dead heat winners on the scam ticket would be good combos. The other 7 horses of your ALL in that race are now dead combos going into the 2nd leg, race 8.
V limited 11 months ago
You are absolutely correct...but I still feel the Fix was IN by these crooks.
V limited 11 months ago
Yes I stand corrected...Your right. It would be to All four races including the 10th and 12th....I think..lol
tony 11 months ago

Your suspicion is a good one .   The scam is ticket would probably worked very well had one or two really high price winners came in AND  if the wager was a $2 base ticket . The scam ticket would cost $5.588  ( 8 x 7 x 7 x key x 7 x key =2,744 x $2 ) which favours players with healthy bankroll or syndicates .     The scam ticket would work equally well if you " thin" down on  R7, R8 , R9 , R11 and play ALL  in R10 & R12 .

I am wondering what was the " unsafe " condition ?   R4 and R6 were ran on turf , sky was ckear , temp was comfy 74 F .  Why did Russel Baze immediately retire ?  Could it be that he disagreed with his colleagues ?  A hall of fame pro does not just suddenly retires , is a sudden retirement his way of protesting ??   Hmmm.... 

V limited 11 months ago
It sure makes one wonder.Horse racing is no different from the stock market where inside information that the general public doesnt know about is where these crooks make their money. Secret unpublished workouts,drugging the horses and turf races taken off the turf for NO legitimate reason that would have applied just the same for the turf races that were still run on the turf as you stated in races 4 and 6 and 8 just a couple hours earlier. The fix was most definitely IN....NO Doubt about it. Thank for your input Tony.
spanky 11 months ago
Isn't this the same track owner that had the pick six scandal at Portland Meadows?
Jim Ventura 11 months ago
I'm surprised you keep refusing to post my comments. We'll just post somewhere else and make sure everyone knows the DRF would not post it. I'll give you another try – read carefully I'm not dissing anybody
Michael Zeisler 11 months ago
An absolute disgrace no wonder Russell retired
TranspoMan Jds 11 months ago
I am pretty new to the game and for a newbie after spending the time studying and giving my effort to this and have this happen puts a sour taste for officials or whomever caused this. I had 3 of six but it was both races off the turf I actually lost and would have been in the money for a share. Not sure how I was not paid anything for this, still not sure of the total details of what happened since I put my bet in early morning, but it is a shame. I hope some kind of investigation into what happened is given to all of us and if it is already out please point me in the right direction so I can read and understand.
tony 11 months ago

"Normally" speaking , a bettor must picked correctly all 6 winners in order to cash ticket . Since you only had 3 out of six , your ticket is a losing ticket .   The GG pick6 sequence was Race 7 to 12 , with races 10 & 12 had surface change .  You did not pick winners in races 10 & 12 , therefore your 3 winners must have been in races 7 , 8 , 9  or 11 .  By rule , every runner you picked in off-turf races ( 10 & 12 ) became winners .   You did not get paid since you only had  5  of 6 winners , 3 you selected correctly plus 2 awarded by rule .    You were awarded "winners" in  races 10 & 12 because the switch was announced after wager was made .    If announcement came before you wagered in race 7 , your ticket would officially had  3 of 6   instead of 5 of 6 .   Hope this helps.

By the way , I correctly picked 6 of 6  but still on the " losing end " because I spent a sizable amount .

KOYAJAPAN 11 months ago

Pick 6players got screwed twice lately ,  first by crooks at Churchill ,theykept half the payoff money to their own interest .    Now bycrooks at Golden Gate !   My sympathy goes to those who dedicatedtime and effort in playing the P6 sequence yesterday .  Good lesson forall : don't trust track operators !!!