02/02/2007 12:00AM

The Super Bowl props never stop


LAS VEGAS – Unless you are one of those lucky ticket-holders in Miami for a “front-row” seat at the Super Bowl, Las Vegas is the best place to be.

Hundreds of millions of dollars will be wagered on the Super Bowl here, and another record-breaking handle on the game is expected.

For many, the basic side, total, or money-line bet just isn’t enough action for the final football game of the year. Those bets are simply too vanilla for football bettors who are about to go through season-ending withdrawals. So, Nevada bookmakers have set the table for a banquet of wagering opportunities.

The most popular betting options on the Super Bowl in recent years have been proposition bets that offer everything imaginable. From bigger point spreads, to who will catch the first pass, last pass, and everything in between, the “prop” bets keep everyone focused on the game no matter what the final score.

In true Las Vegas spirit, here are a few props the linemakers may have left out.

o Will there be more red challenge flags thrown in the game, or stewards’ inquiries at Santa Anita? And, which will have more decisions overturned?

o Who will spend more money Sunday: Those who will consume volumes of beer throughout the game or those beer companies that spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl commercials trying to get those same consumers to buy that beer they are already drinking?

o Which will be said the most times: Super Bowl play-by-play men shouting, “Oh my!” or Trevor Denman saying, “Moving like a winner!”?

o Will there be more: Super Bowl-related divorces or Doritos overdoses?

o Which will prompt more visits to the ATM on Sunday: The multitude of exotic wagering opportunities on the races in the race book, or the reams of proposition wagers offered on the Super Bowl in the sports book?

Let the game begin.

Ralph Siraco is turf editor for the Las Vegas Sun and host of the “Race Day Las Vegas” radio show.