06/18/2009 12:00AM

Suit over Lawyer Ron settled


Ron Bamberger, executor of the estate that raced and now owns a minority stake in Lawyer Ron, has dropped his lawsuit against Stonewall Farm after receiving payment for two stallion seasons to Lawyer Ron, according to Bamberger's attorney, Craig Robertson.

Bamberger had filed suit in May against Stonewall, which bought an 80-percent interest in Lawyer Ron from the James T. Hines Jr. estate in 2006 and stands him at stud. Bamberger had alleged that Stonewall did not fulfill contractual obligations to purchase two breeding nominations from the Hines estate in 2009 at the stallion's advertised fee, with payment due no later than Jan. 10.

"We dismissed the lawsuit, because they paid us the money that they owed us," Robertson said.

Laywer Ron's advertised stud fee this year is $25,000.