11/12/2001 1:00AM

Strub, Kilroe take cuts


The purses of seven stakes, including the Grade 2 Strub Stakes for 4-year-olds, have been cut for the upcoming Santa Anita winter-spring meeting, which runs from Dec. 26 to April 21.

The cuts were made in consultation with the Thoroughbred Owners of California, which must approve all purse agreements with California tracks.

The Strub Stakes has been cut from $500,000 to $400,000 and will be run on Feb. 2. The Grade 2 San Antonio Handicap on Feb. 3, which, like the Strub, is a prep for the $1 million Santa Anita Handicap on March 2, has been cut $50,000, to $250,000.

The Grade 2 Frank Kilroe Mile, the top turf mile of the meeting, has been cut from $400,000 to $300,000. It will be run on Santa Anita Handicap Day along with the $200,000 San Rafael Stakes for 3-year-olds, a key prep to the $750,000 Santa Anita Derby on April 6.

Cuts were also made to the San Fernando Breeders' Cup Stakes (by $50,000), the Palos Verdes Handicap ($50,000), the Pro or Con ($25,000), and the Crystal Water ($25,000).

The purse for one race was raised. The Santa Catalina Stakes for 3-year-olds over 1 1/16 miles on Jan. 19 has been raised from $100,000 to $150,000.

The distance of the Santa Paula Stakes for 3-year-old fillies was reduced by a half-furlong to six furlongs. Run last year on the closing day of the meeting, the Santa Paula will be run on March 24, the same day as the Crystal Water.

2001-2 Santa Anita Stakes


Dec 26Malibu Stakes (Grade 1)3 YO7 F$200,000

Dec 28Ca Breeders Champion Stakes2 YO (CA Breds)7 F150,000

Dec 28Ca Breeders Champion StakesF, 2 YO (CA Breds)7 F150,000

Dec 29La Brea Stakes (Grade 1)F, 3 YO7 F200,000

Dec 30San Gabriel H(Grade 2)3 & UP1 1/8 M (T)150,000

Dec 31Monrovia H (Grade 3)F/M, 3 & UPabt 6 1/2 F (T)100,000

Jan 1El Conejo H (Grade 3)4 & UP5 1/2 F100,000

Jan 2Survive StakesF/M, 4 & UP (CA Breds)5 1/2 F100,000

Jan 5San Pasqual H (Grade 2)4 & UP1 1/16 M200,000

Jan 6Santa Ysabel Stakes (Grade 3)F, 3 YO1 1/16 M100,000

Jan 12San Fernando B.C. Stakes (Grade 2)4 YO1 1/16 M200,000

Jan 12Sensational Star Handicap4 & UP (CA Breds)abt 6 1/2 F (T)100,000

Jan 13San M1guel Stakes (Grade 3)3 YO6 F100,000

Jan 13San Gorgonio H (Grade 2)F/M, 4 & UP1 1/8 M (T)150,000

Jan 19Santa Catalina Stakes (Grade 2)3 YO1 1/16 M150,000

Jan 20El Encino Stakes (Grade 2)F, 4 YO1 1/16 M150,000

Jan 21San Marcos Stakes (Grade 2)4 & UP1 1/4 M (T)150,000

Jan 21Santa Ynez Stakes (Grade 2)F, 3 YO7 F150,000

Jan 26Santa Monica H (Grade 1)F/M, 4 & UP7 F200,000

Jan 27Palos Verdes H (Grade 2)4 & UP6 F150,000

Feb 2Strub Stakes (Grade 2)4 YO1 1/8 M400,000

Feb 2Pro or Con HandicapF/M, 4 & UP (CA Breds)1 M (T)125,000

Feb 2San Vicente Stakes (Grade 2)3 YO7 F150,000

Feb 3San Antonio H (Grade 2)4 & UP1 1/8 M250,000

Feb 8Sham Stakes (Restricted)3 YO1 1/8 M75,000

Feb 9La Canada Stakes (Grade 2)F, 4 YO1 1/8 M200,000

Feb 10Las Virgenes Stakes (Grade 1)F, 3 YO1 M200,000

Feb 16San Luis Obispo H (Grade 2)4 & UP1 1/2 M (T)200,000

Feb 16Boo La Boo StakesF, 3 YO (CA Breds)6 F100,000

Feb 17Santa Maria H (Grade 1)F/M, 4 & UP1 1/16 M200,000

Feb 17San Marino H (Restricted)4 & UP1 1/4 M (T)75,000

Feb 18Buena Vista H (Grade 2)F/M, 4 & UP1 M (T)150,000

Feb 23Las Flores H (Grade 3)F/M, 4 & UP6 F125,000

Feb 24Baldwin Stakes (Grade 3)3 YOabt 6 1/2 F (T)100,000

Mar 1La Habra StakesF, 3 YOabt 6 1/2 F (T)100,000

Mar 2Santa Anita Handicap (Grade 1)4 & UP1 1/4 M1,000,000

Mar 2Frank E. Kilroe Mile (Grade 2)4 & UP1 M (T)300,000

Mar 2San Rafael Stakes (Grade 2)3 YO1 M200,000

Mar 3San Carlos Handicap (Grade 2)4 & UP7 F150,000

Mar 9Santa Anita Oaks (Grade 1)F, 3 YO1 1/16 M300,000

Mar 10Santa Margarita Handicap (G1)F/M, 4 & UP1 1/8 M300,000

Mar 16San Luis Rey H (Grade 2)4 & UP1 1/2 M (T)250,000

Mar 17San Felipe Stakes (Grade 2)3 YO1 1/16 M250,000

Mar 17Irish O'Brien StakesF/M, 4 & UP (CA Breds)abt 6 1/2 F (T)100,000

Mar 23Santa Ana H (Grade 2)F/M, 4 & UP1 1/8 M (T)150,000

Mar 23San Pedro Stakes3 YO6 1/2 F75,000

Mar 24Crystal Water H4 & UP (CA Breds)1 M (T)125,000

Mar 24Santa Paula StakesF, 3 YO6 F75,000

Mar 30Portrero Grande B.C. H (Grade 2)4 & UP6 1/2 F200,000

Mar 31Santa Lucia H (Restricted)F/M, 4 & UP1 1/16 M75,000

Apr 6San Bernardino H (Grade 2) 4 & UP1 1/8 M150,000

Apr 6Arcadia Handicap (Grade 2)4 & UP1 1/8 M (T)150,000

Apr 6Santa Anita Derby (Grade 1)3 YO1 1/8 M750,000

Apr 7Las Cienegas H (Grade 3)F/M, 4 & UPabt 6 1/2 F (T)100,000

Apr 7Zany Tactics Stakes3 YO (CA breds)6 1/2 F100,000

Apr 13Providencia Stakes (Restricted)F, 3 YO1 1/8 M (T)75,000

Apr 14La Puente Stakes (Restricted)3 YO1 M (T)75,000

Apr 19ValIant Pete Handicap4 & UP (CA Breds)6 F100,000

Apr 20Santa Barbara H (Grade 2)F/M, 4 & UP1 1/4 M (T)250,000

Apr 21San Juan Capistrano H (Grade 1)4 & UPabt 1 3/4 M (T)400,000

Apr 21San Simeon H (Grade 3)4 & UPabt 6 1/2 F (T)125,000