12/04/2009 12:00AM

Stein will serve seven days for Woodbine incident


Jockey Justin Stein will serve a suspension of seven calendar days, beginning with the opening card of 2010 at Woodbine on April 2, but had another 18 days of a suspension stayed following an Ontario Racing Commission hearing on Wednesday.

The racing commission's ruling, released late Friday afternoon, states that the stay of the suspension will remain in effect through the 2010 season in Ontario and the days then will be dropped provided that Stein has kept the peace.

Stein had been slapped with a 25-day suspension and a $2,500 fine after the stewards ruled he had launched a verbal attack on fellow rider Chantal Sutherland in view of the public following Woodbine's seventh race on Sept. 9.

Stein, who had been unseated by his mount, also was fined $2,500 by the stewards, but that amount was upped to $4,000 by the commission.