08/18/2002 11:00PM

Steamed Migliore hits road after DQ


SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. - Jockey Richard Migliore, upset over a decision by the stewards to disqualify his mount from first place in Monday's fourth race, took off his two remaining mounts on the card.

Migliore left the track shortly after Silver Squire finished first by 5 3/4 lengths in a first-level allowance race for 2-year-olds.

In upper stretch, Silver Squire lugged in as he was blowing past Down Play, the runner-up ridden by Jorge Chavez. The stewards flashed the inquiry sign and deliberated for several minutes before taking down Silver Squire and placing him second. The stewards said Chavez also claimed foul.

Migliore was still steaming an hour after the race. He said his biggest gripe against the stewards is what he sees as inconsistency in their rulings.

Migliore said the stewards have told him in the past that if the outcome of a race is not affected by an infraction, the result stands. "I was running by a beat horse," said Migliore. "No doubt my horse stepped in when he was awkward switching leads and brushed that horse, but it didn't affect the outcome. I was more than clear. This is reprehensible to me. Who are [the stewards] accountable to? Someone needs to police them a little bit."

The stewards will meet Wednesday to decide if Migliore will be suspended for the disqualification, as well as determine if he will be fined for taking off his mounts.

"We felt that the horse was bothered," said David Hicks, the steward for the New York Racing Association. "It would be very difficult to tell Chavez, the owner, and the trainer of that horse that he didn't get bothered."