Updated on 01/10/2013 5:57PM

Stay on Dutrow's suspension unlikely to be lifted until next week


Richard Dutrow Jr., the trainer whose appeal of a 10-year suspension was thrown out of New York’s highest court Tuesday, will likely be able to continue to train throughout the weekend under a stay that cannot legally be lifted until early next week, according to state racing officials.

Dutrow has been allowed to continue to train horses under a stay issued shortly after the suspension was issued in October 2011.

However, that stay will be lifted five days after the state’s racing and wagering board receives confirmation from the state attorney general that the court’s order to deny the appeal has been delivered to Dutrow or his attorney, according to Lee Park, a spokesman for the board.

The board had said earlier this week that it would issue an immediate order to lift the stay upon confirmation of the delivery of the court order. On Thursday, the board said that it could not issue the order until five days after the delivery, citing state law.

Michael Koenig, Dutrow’s lead attorney in his appeals in the New York court system, did not immediately return phone calls Thursday.

Dutrow, 54, has 60 horses stabled at Aqueduct. As of Thursday morning, he had horses entered for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday cards at Aqueduct, but none entered for the Sunday card. Entries for the Sunday card were drawn Thursday morning.

Dutrow indicated on Wednesday that he would file an injunction seeking a stay of the 10-year suspension in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn sometime in the next five days. Federal courts are not as likely to issue stays as state courts, especially when a plaintiff has exhausted all legal options in state court, according to officials.

Dutrow was issued the suspension after regulators said his conduct “has been improper, obnoxious, unbecoming, and detrimental to the best interests of racing.” The latest suspension was issued after one of Dutrow’s horses tested positive for the potent painkiller butorphanol and a subsequent search of his Aqueduct barn turned up hypodermic needles.

Julie Gregory More than 1 year ago
does anyone know if this effects his training in other states or just NY. i know hes banned in some states like west virgina and kentucky but what about maryland,delaware.florida or PA
wolves More than 1 year ago
get rid of drugs in the game, period.....betting on NYRA is like a crap shoot....is the horse crippled or will the medication dull the pain??....that's how you have to look at these races. He's So Chic in the 8th is a perfect example...claimed for 50k, immediately dropped to 20. Claimed out of the race for the 20k after running a distant 3rd, he takes 2 months off. Runs twice, getting claimed in the second start for 35k. Takes another 2 months off and drops to 25k, romping home (with a good trip). It's sad...How many injections have they given this gallant 9 year old? He's made over 500k, yet seems to be destined for a breakdown one day....poor horse
ED Broome More than 1 year ago
he is an excellent trainer. his rough exterior has got him in the trouble he is in. his horses dont break down like a lot of other n.y. horses
Csun More than 1 year ago
Best news that I've heard all day. The conspiracy against this Hall of Fame-caliber trainer is sickening. Between 01/10 thru 01/13, Dutrow has 10 horses total entered at either Aqueduct or Gulfstream. The even better news is that these 10 horses are represented by NINE different sets of owners and/or partnerships that are obviously in the business of having healthy horses and WINNING races!!
Jock More than 1 year ago
I feel that he should get at least 10 yrs.as he is no better than Pete Rose,Barry Bond,Roger Clemons,Etc.The rules are there to protect the honest one and everybody should obey them?
wolves More than 1 year ago
Pete Rose?? The guy never bet against his own team.
Just-A-Game Solutions More than 1 year ago
With this Public lynching of Rick Dutrow while horses are snapping their legs off left & right (no pun intended) it is an embarrassment to NYRA & the NYS Racing and Wagering board ae ignoring Dead Horses. What was a Chairman like Sabini thinking making the kind of unprofessional comments that he made about Anyone. Gov. Cuomo it is time to get involved to protect the Tradition & The Sport of Racing. Let's not sight one trainer especially a guy who takes care of his equine athletes in a way that should be the standards of the Industry, like Rick and his employees do. Let's do this right. Let's go into the racing industry and require vet records upon entry say 72 hours from entry. I WOULD NORMALLY DISAGREE WITH THIS MONITORING BUT--- PEOPLE AE BETTING MONEY ON THIS SPORT!!! What does Vegas Do With Injuries NFL, MLB & NBA Even Golf & Nascar. Let's make sure that the race track's immigration policies equal the same policies that an immigrant is evaluated (I won't use the word ILLEGAL) on if he was working at a fast food restaurant and not caring for the 1% Owner running in the KY Derby or Breeders Cup. Let's see every trainers Violations List VS. Horses run horses trained, ect. Let's not pick one guy to get Mad at because he honestly admitted using steroids and thee was disappointment in the Belmont Stakes. I think Doug O'Neal saw the swing ropes and Paul Redden decided I'll Have Another ANOTHER DAY without the Mickey Mouse Court. It almost like thinking that RGIII will not be on Steroids after his reconstruction knee surgery. PS Dr Andrew's will not be making any statements! I wanna know how many Violations each Trainer Has as well as his help. Put it in the DRF. Was a trainer Convicted of Starving a horse or treating that horse poorly. If a trainer runs a horse that is lame let his VET Make the Call ( NOT LIKE RGIII's Vet) Especially his Assistants and caretakers. If a guy can escape from Mexico and leave his whole family there and illegally enter the USA, what says he will not give the horse he is caring for an ILLEGAL MEDICINE, whose watching him. I wanna know what favors were issued to an immigrant that is different from the short order cook that makes him different than the Governor's Groom. I love this Sport & this Game, I hate the people Monitoring it & Overseeing it. Time to Change it FAIRLY and not run a Monkey Court an put all the Blame on Rick Dutrow. I don't usually write stuff mainly because I hate typing. But let's just be Fair. What would have happened if he trained horses for Gov. Cuomo? Bad example Gov. Hates Racing.
Mark Scheider More than 1 year ago
and the week after and the week after
Edward More than 1 year ago
The sleeze of racing has become too much for the sport to survive.
Kyle Stasierowski More than 1 year ago
Dear Mr. Hagarty, In my opininion Richard Dutrow's career is over. The reason I say this is because of the fact that "Federal courts are not as likely to issue stays as state courts, especially when a plaintiff has exhausted all legal options in state court, according to officials." as Richard Dutrow Jr. has. Sincerely, Kyle Stasierowski 28-year-old loyal TVG viewer, HRTV Live Feed viewer, DRF FaceBook friend and Twitter follower from Alden, New York
Matthew Kennedy More than 1 year ago
The Article forgot to mention that the horses he has entered for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday cards are the same horses. Might as well go out with a bang!!!