08/21/2006 11:00PM

Stakes Review August 23


Aug. 19, Del Mar, 1 1/8 Miles, Turf, Fillies, 3-Year-Olds
Purse: $400,000

1 - ARRAVALE3.30-1BEYER: 98
Previous three Beyers: 96-89-44
T: Macdonald Benson (48-8 .16)J: Jose Valdivia, Jr. (379-40 .10)

2 - Foxysox-GB4.20-1BEYER: 94
Previous three Beyers: 83-83-85
T: Carla Gaines (104-29 .27)J: Corey Nakatani (439-85 .19)

3 - Soothsay-IRE15.80-1BEYER: 93
Previous three Beyers: 89-87-82
T: James Cassidy (112-18 .16)J: Mike Smith (471-42 .08)

Also ran: Take the Ribbon(95), Attima-GB(93), May Night(92), Sol Mi Fa-IRE(91), Charming N Lovable(91), Meetmeinthewoods(88), Secret Scheme(78).



Race 2 (f-MdnSplWt, 3+, 1m)23.2647.291:11.731:24.421:36.40

Race 5 (f-AOC, 3+, 1m)21.8244.791:08.791:21.671:33.46

Comment: Arravale, a solid third in the G1 American Oaks, pulled her way right into a good stalking trip early, bided her time to the top of the lane, pitched out for the stretch run, and blasted home to win going away. She was more dominant than the margin suggests. Take the Ribbon sat midpack early, steadily advanced, veered out into the lane, and finished well. She caused some problems when she came out in the lane, however, and was DQ'd from second to fourth. Foxysox sat midpack, came wide into the lane, and finished smartly. Soothsay sat well back early, moved up going to the far turn, came out into the lane to make her run, but got squeezed off by a veering-out Take the Ribbon and had to steady hard. It cost her, but she wasn't going to catch the winner anyway. Attima stalked the pace, surged to the lead into the lane but then ran out of gas. Could be she's at her best at less than nine furlongs.

Aug. 19, Saratoga, 1 1/4 Miles, Fillies, 3-Year-Olds
Purse: $600,000

1 - PINE ISLAND1.15-1BEYER: 101
Previous three Beyers: 97-88-81
T: Shug McGaughey (123-18 .14)J: Javier Castellano (720-124 .17)

2 - Teammate15.10-1BEYER: 99
Previous three Beyers: 85-72-66
T: Allen Jerkens (218-32 .14)J: Cornelio Velasquez (1072-174 .16)

3 - Lemons Forever10.90-1BEYER: 87
Previous three Beyers: 85-81-92
T: Dallas Stewart (214-37 .17)J: Mark Guidry (633-82 .12)

Also ran: Unbridled Belle(84), Adieu(79), Wonder Lady Anne L(73), Miss Shop(64), Ex Caelis(59), Pyramid Love(999).



Race 3 (AlwN2X, 3+, 1 1/8)23.4446.671:10.831:36.301:50.04

Comment: Pine Island bided her time early, steadily advanced to the far turn, had to find a way through traffic, and once able to do that she doggedly kept to her task and powered past Teammate in the final strides. The manner in which she finishes gives her all the marks of a top-class filly in the making. Teammate was on the pace from the start, tried to break the race wide open when she dispatched with the other speed on the far turn and opened up into the lane, but just couldn't quite fend off the charge of the winner. Lemons Forever was far back early, began a strong run on the far turn while carried very wide, and continued on well through the lane, though she was no threat to the top two. Adieu seemed in a good spot stalking the pace but ran out of gas by the far turn. Wonder Lady Anne L stalked early while saving ground and seemingly traveling quite nicely, started to make a run on the far turn, but then just as quickly fell apart.

Aug. 20, Del Mar, 1 1/4 Miles, 3-Year-Olds and Up
Purse: $1,000,000

1 - LAVA MAN1.00-1BEYER: 110
Previous three Beyers: 109-107-106
T: Doug O'Neill (606-99 .16)J: Corey Nakatani (439-85 .19)

2 - Good Reward18.70-1BEYER: 106
Previous three Beyers: 101-102-103
T: Shug McGaughey (123-18 .14)J: Garrett Gomez (784-146 .18)

3 - Super Frolic9.60-1BEYER: 106
Previous three Beyers: 108-99-68
T: Vladimir Cerin (172-28 .16)J: Jon Court (753-80 .10)

Also ran: Perfect Drift(103), Giacomo(100), Top This and That(94), Magnum-ARG(93), Preachinatthebar(91).



Comment: Lava Man was on the pace early battling with Preachinatthebar, took more heat when others came to him down the backside, but then blew the race open when he suddenly burst away on the far turn to open up a big lead, which gave enough cushion to keep the closers at bay. Another stupendous performance. He's the modern-day John Henry and has to go down as one of the greatest claims ever in the game. Good Reward bided his time, steadily advanced going to the far turn, moved through along the inside when the speed tired, gamely chased the winner, but just couldn't get to him. Super Frolic stalked the pace, was unable to accelerate when Lava Man hit the gas on the far turn, but gradually got going and finished well. Perfect Drift was last early, put in a decent run, but was never really a threat. Magnum stalked but fell away when Lava Man hit high gear. Giacomo never made a run.

Aug. 19, Monmouth Park, 1 1/8 Miles, 3-Year-Olds and Up
Purse: $250,000

Previous three Beyers: 110-93-97
T: James Ryerson (181-29 .16)J: Christopher DeCarlo (323-60 .18)

2 - Survivalist8.70-1BEYER: 103
Previous three Beyers: 83-101-101
T: Shug McGaughey (123-18 .14)J: Eddie Castro (855-110 .12)

3 - Master Command2.90-1BEYER: 103
Previous three Beyers: 97-105-95
T: Todd Pletcher (790-218 .27)J: Ramon Dominguez (898-247 .27)

Also ran: Sinister G(95), Network(94), Sinners N Saints(89), Tap Day(88), Zoffinger(87).



Race 5 (Clm22,000, 3+, 1m 70)25.1549.581:13.891:39.501:43.55

Race 10 (f-Clm16,000, 3+, 1m)24.0748.021:12.901:40.66

Comment: Park Avenue Ball, favored off a dazzling Skip Away win that proved further he's just a different horse on this track, completely validated that horse-for-course angle with another nice win here. He sat second while Sinister G opened up a big early lead, rolled on to the lead into the lane when that rival was out of gas, opened up in midstretch, and had enough margin to keep the hard-trying Survivalist at bay. The way he loves Monmouth Park, his connections ought to keep him in training for next year, what with the Breeders' Cup slated to be at Monmouth in 2007. Survivalist sat behind the winner, steadily advanced to get within reach of the winner, but couldn't quite close the necessary ground. Master Command stalked the pace and kept on gamely. Tap Day sat midpack but had nothing to offer when the real racing began.

Aug. 20, Del Mar, 7 Furlongs, 3-Year-Olds and Up
Purse: $300,000

1 - SIREN LURE2.80-1BEYER: 110
Previous three Beyers: 107-103-94
T: Art Sherman (441-115 .26)J: Alex Solis (524-111 .21)

2 - Pure as Gold8.20-1BEYER: 105
Previous three Beyers: 105-95-98
T: Jack Carava (184-24 .13)J: Jon Court (753-80 .10)

3 - Areyoutalkintome28.10-1BEYER: 101
Previous three Beyers: 95-93-100
T: Doug O'Neill (606-99 .16)J: Martin Garcia (992-225 .22)

Also ran: Battle Won(93), Trickey Trevor(80), Yes He's a Pistol(64), Declan's Moon(57).



Race 2 (f-AlwN1X, 3+, 6f)22.0445.0357.811:11.02

Race 3 (MdnSplWt, 2yo, 6f)22.1245.3257.501:10.28

Race 5 (f-MdnSplWt, 2yo, 6f)22.1745.5158.281:11.73

Race 9 (AlwN1X, 3+, 7f)22.3944.561:09.371:22.57

Comment: Siren Lure continued his dazzling sprint form with a strong victory here. From the rail he was a bit slow getting into stride, but he seemed content to bide his time at the back of the behind a solid pace. He swung out on the far turn to commence his drive and came home with a powerful finish to blow by the field and win going away. The manner of this win says he can be a BC Sprint player. Pure as Gold, the Bing Crosby winner, set a brisk pace, under pressure, opened up into the lane like the winner, but had no answer for Siren Lure's charge. Could be seven furlongs is just a bit beyond his reach, at least at this level. Areyoutalkintome sat back early, made a nice run along the inside, and kept on well to be a clear third. Battle Won and Trickey Trevor both dogged Pure as Gold early but both paid the price as they faltered in the lane. Declan's Moon, stalked the pace but gave way badly into the lane and was eased, as if something went awry.

Aug. 20, Emerald Downs, 1 Mile, 3-Year-Olds and Up
Purse: $250,000

Previous three Beyers: 88-91-94
T: Jim Penney (137-32 .23)J: Ricky Frazier (388-57 .14)

2 - Papi Chullo2.00-1BEYER: 101
Previous three Beyers: 96-108-88
T: Buenaventura Vargas (52-6 .11)J: Robby Albarado (685-114 .16)

3 - Southern Africa3.10-1BEYER: 91
Previous three Beyers: 93-91-88
T: Michael Puhich (60-4 .06)J: Russell Baze (812-236 .29)

Also ran: Grafton(88), Quiet Cash(84), Royal Place(83), Alexandersrun(73), Confidential Call(72), Norm's Nephew(68), Don'twritemeoff(68), R. Associate(998).



Race 1 (f-MdnClm, 3+, 1m)24.0048.201:13.201:26.201:39.80

Race 3 (Clm7,500, 3+, 1m)23.2046.401:11.601:25.001:38.80

Race 5 (Clm10,000, 3+, 1m)23.4046.401:10.801:23.401:36.80

Race 6 (Clm17,500, 3yo, 1m)23.8047.201:11.801:24.401:37.60

Race 8 (AOC, 3+, 1m)23.2046.201:10.601:23.201:36.00

Race 9 (f-EmdBCDstfH 3+, 1m)23.0045.201:09.801:22.201:34.80

Race 10 (Clm3,500, 3+, 1m)23.8047.201:12.201:25.201:38.80

Comment: Flamethrowintexan did the local set proud, jumping right out to set the pace, under severe pressure after every point. He rebuffed numerous challenges from invader Papi Chullo to get the victory. Papi Chullo broke alertly, stalked the pace, moved up to pressure the winner going to the far turn and continued to dog him every step of the way, but just wasn't quite able to get to him. Southern Africa sat a couple lengths off a hot pace, steadily advanced on the far turn, waited for room behind the two leaders, swung out into the drive but once room materialized he ran out of run. Grafton sat well back, put in a sustained run on the outside, but was never really a threat.

- Trip notes by Michael Hammersly