05/09/2006 11:00PM

Stabile reinstated at NYRA


A Nassau County Supreme Court Judge ordered the New York Racing Association to restore the credentials of jockey agent Tony Stabile, who had been barred from the NYRA grounds for almost a year.

Judge F. Dana Winslow issued his order on Tuesday after NYRA failed for the second time in a month to hold a hearing for Stabile, who was ruled off last June for an alleged altercation with a federal monitor whose firm was retained to oversee NYRA's business practices. The alleged altercation occurred in February 2005.

The judge ordered Stabile's credentials restored until a new hearing is held in the matter. Stabile and his attorney, John Esposito, had successfully argued for a new hearing in this matter because Stabile was not allowed to bring witnesses to the first hearing, which was held last June before NYRA's Backstretch Violations Panel.

NYRA senior vice president Bill Nader said he was unsure why Tuesday's scheduled hearing was canceled, but said a new date will be issued soon.

"He's either going to be [credentialed] permanently or he's going to be excluded from the grounds," Nader said. "Eventually there has to be some closure on this."

At the time he was ruled off, Stabile was the agent for jockey Eriluis Vaz. Stabile said he did not know if he would return to being an agent or become a trainer, a job he has previously held.

"Although I expected to beat them, I didn't really believe I was going to," Stabile said. "How many people were right against NYRA and didn't beat them? I'm glad to be back among the horses and the few friends I have back there that stood by me."