11/20/2004 12:00AM

Spill results in no contest


A four-horse spill near the quarter pole of Saturday's second race at Golden Gate Fields caused the race to be declared no contest.

Jockeys Francisco Duran, David Lopez, and Alfredo Miranda were taken to Oakland's Highland Hospital, the area's leading trauma center. Iggy Puglisi, the fourth rider involved in the spill, was uninjured and rode in the next race.

Duran, the rider on Rippling Water, suffered a slight fracture of the right collarbone where it connects to the breastbone.

Lopez, who rode Sky Guy, and Miranda, who rode Irish Tizzy, suffered mild concussions and bruises, but X-rays revealed no fractures.

Irish Tizzy, moving into contention just outside pacesetting Individual Knight, broke down, causing the four-horse spill in the seven-horse field. He was later euthanized.

Rippling Water tried to hurdle the fallen horse, just as Irish Tizzy tried to regain his footing. He was unable to clear Irish Tizzy and somersaulted over him as Duran was catapulted off him.

Irish Tizzy then fell into Sky Guy, who fell and landed on Duran. True Stride also fell trying to avoid the other horses.

True Stride, Sky Guy, and Rippling Water avoided serious injury in the spill.

Stewards ruled the race no contest based on a California Horse Racing Board rule stating "in the event of interference during the running of a race which affects the majority of horses in such race, the stewards may declare the race as no contest."