01/09/2017 11:30AM

Single-ticket carryover of $137,529 in Santa Anita pick six


ARCADIA, Calif. – The pick six at Santa Anita begins Thursday with a four-day carryover of $137,529 in the single-ticket jackpot pool.

The carryover is the highest in the single-ticket portion of the pick six since a jackpot format was introduced at the start of the winter-spring meeting Dec. 26. The jackpot portion is paid only if there is one winning ticket.

With the addition of the single-ticket provision at the winter-spring meeting, 70 percent of the net pool is dedicated to tickets with six winners, or into a carryover; 15 percent is paid to consolation tickets; and 15 percent is paid to a single ticket holder, or into a carryover pool until there is a single winning ticket or a mandatory payout day.