Updated on 03/30/2015 11:41AM

Singapore officials suspend David Flores for one year

Keeneland/Coady Photography
David Flores, a former regular rider in Southern California, was issued a one-year suspension by Singapore racing officials for failure to ride out a mount in a Feb. 22 race.

Jockey David Flores has been given a one-year suspension in Singapore for failing to “obtain the best possible placing” in a race Feb. 22, a decision that the rider has the option of appealing.

In a ruling issued Wednesday by Singapore racing officials, Flores was suspended until March 24, 2016, for his ride on Kiss Me. Flores was cited for failing “to improve his position when it was reasonable and permissible to do so” from the three-eighths pole to the quarter pole, and for failing “to ride with sufficient vigor and determination” in the final quarter-mile.

Kiss Me finished fourth, beaten three lengths, in a six-furlong turf race.

Flores was not available for comment.

Flores moved to Singapore at the end of 2013, having ridden at Fair Grounds and Santa Anita in the final months of that year. He was a visitor at Santa Anita at Christmastime last year, going winless in five mounts in the first three days of the winter-spring meeting. Flores said at the time that he did not have any immediate plans to return to full-time riding in the United States.

Flores, 47, has three wins this year in Singapore and 47 career wins there. He has won 3,538 races in North America and was a fixture in Southern California from the late 1980s until he rode primarily at Keeneland and Fair Grounds in the last months of 2013.

Rick Lamond More than 1 year ago
David Romero Flores is a fine jockey. Nobody wins 3,500 races by accident or because they weren't trying, so he deserves a chance to explain this situation. He was an important part of the southern California thoroughbred industry for many years. He was popular with owners, trainers and the betting public. Let's wait and see what David has to say for himself before we judge him too harshly.
judy More than 1 year ago
Just what horse racing doesn't need-more bad news. It doesn't matter what happens in the big name sports like baseball, football,etc., horse racing always suffers the most.
becky bronx More than 1 year ago
sounds like another gambling degenerate jockey.
Mark Oleary More than 1 year ago
What a sad tale on the career of once one of my favorite jocks on the southern California circuit. He always rode with aplomb and made me a decent amount of money back in the days when he was one of the premier riders at Santa Anita. With the influx of a colony of flashy young riders, david read the writting on the wall and moved his tack east. It was sad to see him go, as I always enjoyed his signature smile and concise review of the race during post race interview. Then when he moved halfway across the globe, I knew it was over because it looked like a desperate attempt to regain his mastery over what many would consider a lower tier jock's room, and when he couldn't deliver it validated that statement. Good Luck in future endevours, David.
Dennis Fisher More than 1 year ago
If any Jockey etc breaks the Straight Course rule of the Tthoroughbred rules and regulations, he must pay the penalty, well done Singapore Stewards. Its time as a horseman for the past 50 years, for them to use their strong hand, many jockeys are getting away because of the term vested interest, just as an example in North America look what happened to the honorable Kentucky State Steward John Veitch. Churchill Downs and their puppets known as the State Department, ruled him off illegally because he used his honorable strong hand of Thoroughbred rules and regulations which they secretly disliked because they were allowing jockeys and trainers etc, to fix races allowed to ride horses with electrical devices, crook the weights etc simply for the hierarchy known as the Elite Blue Blood Breeders purpose and pleasure, which allowed them the Kentucky State Department (Jockey Club) to SCHEME to fire him John Veitch, using a pathetic reasons, known as Todd Pletcher's Breeders Cup horses bad run on Steward John Veitch what a bad joke, but he was fired yet to date the high Courts have reinstated the Hall of Fame Trainer/State Steward John Veitch of their Churchill Downs etc wrong doing, so once again, well done Stewards of Singapore, very impressive to imply the Straight Course rule, which means you are not like the three monkeys refer to conspiredcorruption.wordpress.com
tra More than 1 year ago
Flores is one of the worst jockeys ever because he did the same thing for years when he rode in California. Hope that ban applies here to the United States as well.
Bob Lunny More than 1 year ago
Example please
Tony Zag More than 1 year ago
Whomever the Stewards are, need to be hired here in the States at every track. D-Flo is just doing what has been common place here......every race here, jocks stand up before the wire or coast coming home only to get beat a nose or nostril. It is pathetic, that Superfecta is an allowed bet, and it gets handle, but is poorly officiated. Fact is ......Who cares....nobody? That is the problem. Most people in this game think, believe and act as though they are BIGGER THAN THE GAME ITSELF! Or that they are the game!
Bugsy Anderson More than 1 year ago
he never tried with that horse.
D More than 1 year ago
Ridiculous, unless they have more to go on than the video of the race replay: http://www.turfclub.com.sg/MediaCenter/VideoGallery/Pages/RaceVideos.aspx?url=http://videos.turfclub.com.sg/2015/20150222SR01.mp4&MeetingDate=2015-02-22T00:00:00Z&Year=2015&RaceNumber=1&title=20150222SR01&RaceType=RaceVideos&index=0#.VRRkueEtrm0 No Asian is getting a 1yr suspension for that ride.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
first of all they don't just go ahead and suspend because of one ride ,there's an investigation into betting patterns. And usually they have been watching other rides. They know what's going on a lot better than you do. And they are a lot more thorough than our stewards ..and they are doing something right because the public believes in the integrity of their product and prove it by betting more in one race than we get in a 10 race program.
Will H More than 1 year ago
"no asian"... oh god bringing race into this.....jesus
Bob Nastanovich More than 1 year ago
That is indeed David Flores.