05/21/2002 11:00PM

Simulcast amendment sought


Urged by a New Jersey horseman, Rep. Frank Pallone has introduced an amendment to the federal Interstate Horseracing Act that would give horsemen a new right of approval over simulcasting.

Dennis Drazin, the legal counsel of the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, said on Wednesday that the measure is designed to protect live racing. Drazin lobbied Pallone to introduce the bill, which has been referred to the House subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection.

"I think it's a good thing for racing, at least those of us who want to see live racing protected," Drazin said.

The Interstate Horseracing Act currently gives horsemen the right to approve simulcasts that are sent out of the horsemen's state. The amendment would give horsemen in the receiving state the same right, Drazin said.