01/30/2012 3:56PM

Sharp Horses and Track Trends: Jan. 23-29



1/29: 2w, + closers

1/28: 6w, no bias

1/25: 3w, no bias



BIG GUS*** – Saved ground under confident handling, moved at the three quarters and mowed them down with a strong brush, home in :26.4

MR CASUAL*** Power-brushed to the lead, paced a quick middle-half but had plenty left to draw off

IFEELTHELIGHT – Was used hard to clear the lead from post 9, set a lively pace and held the show

THE FACE OF LOVE – Third over behind weak cover, rallied wide and finished sharply

REGO PARK Had post 10, followed cover third over, launched a big wide move on the final turn to take the lead and held sway gamely with a :27.1 final quarter

SO BE IT – Far back early, followed cover and finished fast to just miss

DONT WORRY B HAPPY – Had post 7, left, tucked, was shuffled, finished well late

DINNERATARTSPLACE*** – Had a brutal parked-out trip from post 10, pushed the hot pace and held staunchly

TUFFERY N – Had post 8, left, tucked, went a long uncovered trip into a quick middle-half and didn't tire that badly

ENDLESS MOTION – Was parked to a quick half from post 10, took on immediate pressure and held okay



1/27: 4w, no bias

1/26: 5w, no bias



JUST THE WAY ITIS – Had a tough trip parked the mile without cover from post 7 and held well

DINE N DASH*** – Was sent from post 5 and was looped by the 6 horse then raced parked the mile without cover challenging for the lead, wore down the 6 to take the lead but was out-kicked on the money by a fast closing winner that had a much easier trip

CAM TOWN CARRIE*** – Rocketed out of the gate from post 7 and parked a horse to a :26.3 opener, sat the pocket, moved out on the final turn, took the lead in the lane and just missed

SEAWIND GAMBLER – Had a tough parked-out trip from post 8 and held okay



1/26: 3w, no bias, wet track

1/25: 8w, + speed, wet track

1/24: 7w, + speed, wet track

1/23: 6w, + speed and inside paths, only one horse rallied from off the rail, most winners either went wire to wire or saved ground and rallied up the inside 



FOX VALLEY MICHAEL – Had post 7 and was 7th at the three quarters on a wet track day that favored horses on or near the lead and on the inside paths, came wide for the drive and flew home, sharp

RACSAN MATT – First over from post 6, held well for the place behind the 3-5 winner

SPACE CHALET – Rallied wide off cover and finished full of pace in :29.1

YES WE DID – Had a tough first over trip on a long grind from post 7, held okay

MANDINGA – Had post 6 and left, went three wide to clear a parked out horse and continued up first over, wore down the leader then held off a closing threat gamely


1/27: 6w, no bias

1/25: 5w, no bias

1/24: 7w, + speed

1/23: 6w, + speed, wet track



SUMMERHILL CHRIS – Made 2 moves to the lead, shook off a third quarter bid and drew clear

ATA ATA – Had a tough trip from post 7 parked the mile, brushed around cover to go first over and held okay to the wire



1/29: 3w, no bias

1/26: 8w, + speed

1/25: 8w, ++ speed

1/24: 4w, no bias, wet track

1/23: 8w, + speed, sloppy track



SEGUNDO HANOVER*** Classy veteran had a tough trip, parked the mile without cover and held well

DELIVERED FROM  ZIN*** Recent Dylan Davis reclaim, now out of claimers and in the Preferred Pace, went first over pacing a huge middle-half, took command and drew off powerfully

ARCTIC WARRIOR*** First over pushing a :27.3 third quarter, wore down the leader gamely but was out-kicked by the pocket rocket in a game placing

HIGH JOLTAGE*** Third over behind dull cover, soared wide pacing a :26.3 third quarter and sustained his bid gamely with a :27.4 final quarter to just miss in a big effort

DILL AND GRACE A*** – Left from post 7 directly outside of a post 6 leaver and was used hard to get the lead, set a fast pace and didn't tire that badly

BRITEOLIVE*** – 8th at the half behind a slow pace while 4th over behind weak cover, launched a powerful wide move on the final turn to sweep the field and drew clear in a monstrous effort

ALLAMERICAN MOBILE – Left, tucked, went first over into a :27.4 third quarter and held okay

GOLD LIKE U – Had post 6, paced a :27.1 third quarter first over and held okay for the show

MYTHICALCONNECTION – Had a tough parked-out trip battling for the lead but could not clear, held well until excusably tiring on the final turn and may be live at a price in exotics now

ROCK N’ ROLL JET – Had post 8, left, tucked, brushed and drew clear; should be tough in NW2

WESTERN ARTWORK – Had a long first over trip chasing the tough 1-2 winner from post 6 and held okay



1/28: 7w, ++ speed

1/25: 6w, no bias

1/24: 4w, no bias

1/23: 4w, no bias


C R HOPE – Had post 6, quarter-moved into a hot pace to take the lead and drew clear of pressure



1/27: 4w, no bias

1/25: 5w, + speed, wet track, most winners close to the pace today

1/24: 2w, + closers, wet track

1/23: 7w, + speed, sloppy track for first 7 races, turned to “heavy” for last 8 races



OTA B D BEST – Left from post 8 and was parked to the lead in :27, set a lively clip and held okay over a wet track that favored closers

PRESIDENTIAL ORDER – Made two moves to the lead setting a quick clip against the bias, held okay

RELAXED FIT – Left, tucked, had cover briefly then lost cover and was first up into a :27.3 third quarter, weakened but only lost by 2 lengths

CROSSTHREADED*** – Had post 7, left, tucked, uncorked a :26.2 third quarter brush to take the lead and was second best to the pocket winner in a good try



1/28: 3w, no bias, a somewhat fairer track on Saturday night but still like the rest of the week which strongly favored horses that either left the gate or went first over; horses trying to rally off of cover trips did very poorly all week

1/27: 5w, + speed

1/26: 6w, + speed

1/24: 6w, + speed

1/23: 8w, ++ speed, sloppy track



TOUCH AND GO – Had post 7 and flushed out poor cover, burst wide at the three quarters and held okay while racing against the bias over a wet strip

KITTY’S PRO GIRL – Left but broke on the first turn while going after the leader, dropped back to last, made a strong uncovered middle-move, ducked into the pocket off the third turn and weakened in the stretch in a fine effort; upset chance if she can stay on stride

REAL MYSTICAL – Left well and tucked, made a sharp brush to the lead at the half and held okay

ANGLEBROOK – Was used hard to clear the lead in :27.3 over the off track, yielded to a sharp brush and held okay; classy veteran may be sitting on a win now

LOADEDUPNTRUCKIN – Had post 6 and was first over a long way, held well for the show

MCDANA N– Had post 7, followed cover third over and finished with good speed

ALLMYROWDYFRIENDS – Followed cover from post 8 and finished quickly on a night that favored speed

IDEAL GIFT*** Rushed up first over approaching the half, kept the heat on through a vicious :27.2 third quarter and held gamely for the place, home in :28.4

BADLANDS AND ART*** – Broke before the start and was way back, did well to recover and catch the field, rallied wide and excusably weakened after a nifty middle-move

LISLEA MILES – Had post 6, left, tucked, went first over and held okay

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays