01/23/2012 2:11PM

Sharp Horses and Track Trends: Jan. 16-22



1/22: 3w, no bias, off track

1/21: 1w, ++ closers

1/18: 2w, + closers



KB's TAYLOR – Had a long uncovered trip on an 18-degree night and held OK

MASTERCHARGEIT – Had post 8, left and was parked to the lead in :28.1, shook off pressure at the half, led into the lane and tired while racing against a strong bias, beat six horses home



1/19: 5w, no bias, cold night, 7 degrees at post time



KENNANS NANCY LEE – Third over from post 7, finished strongly for the place



1/19: 6w, no bias

1/18: 6w, no bias, wet track

1/17: 4w, no bias, sloppy track



REAL NAVIGATOR – Left and was parked the mile without cover forcing the pace, excusably tired but beat three horses home and may be live at a price in next start



1/20: 3w, no bias

1/18: 7w, + speed

1/17: 7w, + speed

1/16: 6w, no bias, wet track



BETTOR THANTHEREST – Was first over a long way, made up 9 lengths in the second quarter and held gamely

CARAMEL DUMPLING – On this list last week, was third over with weak cover from post 6, circled wide and finished strongly for the win at 7-2

CUZZIN WEEZIE – Left from post 7 and was parked the mile without cover forcing the pace against the 2-5 winner, held okay

POWERFUL CAM – Had post 7, was stuck behind horrible cover, rallied wide and finished fast

S F STAMPEDE – Had post 8, rallied 4 deep from 4th over, was wide around the final bend and held gamely

CRUISIN N SURFIN – Had post 7, was third over, followed cover wide around a tiring horse, finished sharply 



1/22: 6w, no bias, wet track

1/19: 8w, + speed

1/18: 7w, + speed, somewhat speed favoring

1/17: 3w, no bias, wet track

1/16: 3w, no bias



AVANT GARDE N – Was on the move early and parked first over a long way, paced a sharp middle-half and held okay considering

COLOSSAL CRUISER*** – Was parked the mile without cover forcing a fast pace, wore down the 4-5 favorite on the wire in a big effort

HIGH JOLTAGE*** – Had post 7, followed weak cover third over, rallied wide and finished strongly to miss by a head to the 3-5 front end winner

BIG BAD ELI – Was parked first over a long way from post 6 and held okay

TORNADO ISLAND N – Third over behind weak cover, rallied wide and held nicely; price factor in exotics now

RAQUEL – Had post 8, rallied wide and finished willingly from a tough spot

HANS KNOWS BEST – Left, tucked, went first over into a quick third quarter, held okay; price factor in exotics

MACK HILL – Third over behind weak cover, stormed wide down the back to engage the 3-10 favorite and finished well to just miss

KATELYN’S SCOTT – Left and was parked the mile forcing a quick pace against the tough 4-5 winner

POINTED VICTORY – Had post 7 and paced a :55.2 last half, sharp

JABEZ*** – Trotter was parked the mile without cover challenging hard for the lead, held gamely

MAIN A DIEU TOO – Had a tough parked-out trip forcing a fast pace, held okay

SUDDEN INTEREST*** Left and was parked the mile battling for the lead, held well

HANCOCK – Shot to the lead from post 6, set the pace under hounding pressure and held on gamely



1/21: 3w, no bias

1/18: 6w, + speed

1/17: 4w, no bias

1/16: 2w, no bias



BJ’S BRAVEHEART – Left well from post 7 and was parked to the lead in :27.2, set a lively pace and held okay



1/20: 3w, no bias

1/19: 4w, no bias

1/18: 3w, no bias

1/17: 4w, no bias, sloppy track



NO DOZE – Trotter was parked to the half, uncorked a :28.1 third quarter to put some distance between himself and the field and dug in gamely for the win

CROSSTHREADED – Had post 7, came out behind weak cover at the three quarters and finished fast

CLEAR CHARACTER – Power-brushed to the lead at the half pacing a :28.1 second quarter, drew clear



1/20: 4w, no bias

1/19: 5w, no bias

1/17: 2w, + closers, inside posts dominated, off track

1/16: 6w, no bias



FORCE OR FINESSE – Finished quickly from third over; an improved effort

SPARKY – Had post 7, left, tucked, went first over and drew clear in a strong win

TIVOLI HANOVER Left from post 7 and was used hard to clear past a :27.2 first quarter, rated the pace under heavy pressure from the 3-5 favorite and held on for a game win

MEDOLAND SNUFFY*** – Impeded by a breaker on the first turn and far back, rushed up on the third turn, engaged the leader with a snappy :28.1 third quarter, drew off powerfully in a big local debut

ALL POWERFUL – Brushed to the lead at the half, lengthened with a :28.1 third quarter and jogged

PRINCE TASMAN – Third over from post 8, finished with solid late pace

SWAGGER BEGONIA – Trotter had post 8 but ended up 6th when two horses broke early, slipped out with cover down the back and finished fast

DONTAKEYOURGUNS – Left and was parked forcing a blazing pace while battling with the 6-5 favorite, tough trip

CLASSIC CAMELOT – Finished quickly from post 6; threat with better post

PANCLEEFANDARPELS – Had post 8, left, tucked, went first over into a stepped-up final half and held okay

*** = extra-sharp preferred plays