05/15/2012 5:23PM

Secretariat's birthplace, Meadow Farm, to be auctioned


Meadow Farm, the Virginia birthplace of 1973 Triple Crown winner Secretariat, will be auctioned May 22 following the foreclosure of the Virginia State Fair.

The fair bought Meadow Farm, located 25 miles north of Richmond in Doswell, Va., in 2003. Three hundred thirty-one acres remain from the original 2,798-acre property that Christopher Chenery purchased in 1932 to launch his Virginia Thoroughbred breeding interests. The farm will sell at public auction through Motley’s Auction and Realty Group.

The sale will include the 12,850-square-foot main residence and its original stables and training barn where Secretariat was born and received some of his training. Other structures, including those added by the Virginia State Fair, are an equestrian facility with stables, an arena, and four additional riding rings, among others.

The auction will take place at the fairgrounds complex at 13111 Dawn Boulevard in Doswell starting at 2 p.m.

Richard Stiller More than 1 year ago
Hope whoever purchases it keeps it intact. I could see it added to Historic Register and made into a Horse Racing Museum, and the amazing story of Secretariat presented as the greatest race horse that ever lived.
Cindy Baumann More than 1 year ago
They don't have the good sense to do anything like that, I went down to the farm on the 4th of July just to see it, it's got buildings on it that shouldn't be there, all grown up, the house on it was build by someone who apparently purchased it a few years ago and they too lost it and boy is it ugly, truly a horrible looking house, they have these huge rodiron fences around it that look like crap, the way the commercial building are set is truly discusting (absolutely no taste where they put anything) it looks more like; well between a prison and a commercial complex, truly so demoralizing to such a wonderful farm and to think this man was noted as the "Virginia Gentleman" Virginia has done nothing to show how proud they are to have such wonderful racing farms and so much history in their corner, horses are a huge part of their resources and wonder what truly the horse owners would really think if they saw and knew exactly what the fair board has done.... they all should be replaced and ashamed of theirselves.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Is there no "Green Acres" program by which this property could be kept intact for public use?
Cheri Lockwood More than 1 year ago
Wish I had money, I'd buy it and make a shrine to the fabulous horse known as Secretariat.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Strip Malls - - - Don't look Big Red...
Harold Moore More than 1 year ago
what is happening to the racing farms,first calumet and now this one??
haire75 More than 1 year ago
Calumet Isn't going away,a very wealthy thoroughbred horse lover has bought Calumet ,thank God.As long as he does a little homework on his trainer and gets qualified honest help,,to run the show ,its a whole new beginning.
Cindy Baumann More than 1 year ago
A true shame that a horse brought so much to the state of Virginia and the area of Doswell, Virginia and the fair board let it go into such a state to where it had to be auctioned off, they ruined it if you ask me, I live nearby and it's truly a slap in the face to anyone who lives there and appreciated what this horse brought back to Virginia, The Chenery's and the Doswells are both something for the State to be proud of and the frickin fair board let this "historical farm" go to hell in a handbasket, to think that so much history lies there with Secretariat and Riva Ridge and First Landing, this was not just a racing stable, these people were very Prominent and certainly brought notarity to the state of Virginia and the small area of Doswell, to have it all end up like this, I blame the fair commission, I don't think they knew what they were doing and ran out and hired engineers who did the worlds fair, what a joke... nothing like jumping in with all feet.... It's truly a shame, you should see what it looks like now, so much history sitting there and truly deteriorating, someone tore down the house, the shed where Secretariat was born was moved (so much for getting the effect that this is where he was born, moved across the street)... so it's not even on the property... what the heck were these people thinking of, apparently none of which are horse people... who didn't know that.???