09/08/2004 11:00PM

Schedule change results in 'no action'


LAS VEGAS - With the Titans-Dolphins game in Miami being moved from Sunday to Saturday because of Hurricane Ivan, wagers in most Nevada's sports books are considered "no action."

Some books, such as the Golden Nugget, have house rules that call for bets to be valid if played within one week. Otherwise, all bets on the side or total made prior to Thursday's change will be refunded, and the bets must be made again if players want valid wagers.

All games included in off-the-board parlays or parlay cards will be reduced to the next lowest number (four-teamers become three-teamers, three-teamers become two-teamers, two-teamers become straight bets on the remaining game).

Season over/under wins are unaffected.

Football contests with rules that specify Sunday-only games or Sunday-Monday games will declare the Titans-Dolphins game no contest. The against-the-spread higher-end contests at the Las Vegas Hilton, Golden Nugget, and Station Casinos will include the game, as long as plays are submitted by the appropriate deadlines.