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Saratoga: Spa Babies 2-year-old picks and analysis for Aug. 11


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5 1/2 Furlongs
Maiden Special Weight
Purse $80,000

1. KNACQUE (More Than Ready - Her Own Way, by Danzig)
65K RNA weanling; sire 44-389 (11%) 2yo FTS, dam placed turf England (2K, 0-1 at 2) with 3 winners from 5 runners (0-1 with 2yos, 1-3 sprint); dam 3/4 2yo SP turf Sheffield (Ireland, 1-5 at 2, won debut); barn 0-13 past 5 years 2yo FTS; nice pedigree, but with some turf influences.

2. WALK OF STARS (Street Sense - Star Kell, by Star de Naskra)
1/2 multiple SP What Time It Is (221K, 0-2 at 2, 6-23 sprint), SP Listentothewindblo (112K, 1-2 at 2, 2-9 sprint), SW sprinter Strike the Moon (603K, 1-2 at 2, 4-21 sprint) by 26-182 (14%) 2yo sire; winning dam (78K, 1-5 at 2, 3-20 sprint) has 6 winners from 7 runners (3-5 with 2yos, 6-7 sprinters); dam 1/2 SP sprinter Wonderous Woman (70K, 1-2 at 2, 2-11 sprint); barn 8-33 (24%, $1.25 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-out 2yo MSW dirt sprint (0-2 Spa); runner-up from debut returned to win here vs. NY-breds with 53 Beyer; capable

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3. DIVIDED ATTENTION (A.P. Indy - Contrive, by Storm Cat)

1/2 multiple 2yo G1 SW Octave (945K, 4-7 at 2, 3-7 sprint), G3 SP sprinter Delightful Quality (191K, 2-9 sprint) by 46-412 (11%) 2yo FTS sire; unraced dam has 6 winners from 6 runners (1-1 with 2yos, 5-6 sprinters); dam 1/2 turf SP Prinz Oskar (France); barn 9-47 (19%, $1.78 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; may want bit more ground, but deserves respect.


4. CLEVER BEAUTY (Indian Charlie - Adorable and Smart, by Gulch)
45K weanling, 45K yearling; sire 49-299 (16%) 2yo FTS; unplaced dam (0-1 at 2, 0-2 sprint) has 0 winners from 1 runner (ran on turf); dam 1/2 turf SW Ruthian (212K); barn 2-35 (6%, $2.60 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint (0-8 Spa); sire gets some quick babies.

5. TEA TIME (Pulpit - Asian Empress, by Empire Maker)
Sire 44-363 (12%) 2yo FTS; 1st starter from unraced dam; dam 1/2 G1 route SW Arch (480K, 1-1 at 2, 2-3 sprint), multiple SW Alisios (265K, 0-2 sprint), G3 route SW Festival of Light (Dubai, 632K, 2-5 sprint), SP Aztec Pearl (138K, 0-1 at 2, 0-2 sprint); dam full G1 route SW Acoma (1.0M), barn 1-12 (8%, $1.38 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; jock's 1st call

6. SWEET WHISKEY (Old Fashioned - Baby Betty, by El Corredor)
75K yearling, 300K 2yo after 1F work 10.1; sire 2yo G2 SW router (583K, 3-3 at 2, 1-1 sprint, 0-7 with 2yo FTS); unraced dam has 2 winners from 2 runners (1-1 with 2yos, 2-2 with sprinters); dam 1/2 SW Doc's Doll (207K, 1-5 at 2, 2-13 sprint), multiple SW Heidi Maria (220K, 0-7 sprint), SP router Five Sixteen (116K, 0-2 at 2, 0-1 sprint); barn 34-98 (35%, $2.68 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; can't ignore Pletcher.

7. CHIEF DANTE (Indian Charlie - Belle Excel, by Gone West)
70K RNA yearling, 220K 2yo after 2F work 21.2; sire 49-299 (16%) 2yo FTS; unplaced dam (0-1 sprint) has 1 winner from 1 runner (0-1 with 2yos, 1-1 sprint); dam 1/2 G1 SW Exhortada (Chile), multiple G1 turf SW Mash One (549K, 1-2 at 2, won debut), multiple G2 SW Reciclada (384K, 0-1 at 2, 1-4 sprint), G2 SW Gran Mujer (Chile, 1-4 at 2, 1-2 sprint), G1 SP router A.P. Xcellent (363K, 0-2 at 2, 0-2 sprint), SW router Exotic Indy (101K, 0-1 sprint), stakes-placed router Auctoritas (113K, 2-6 sprint); barn 1-30 (3%, $1.47 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; 7/14 work matches Feels So Right (3rd FTS MSW 56 Beyer 7/25)

8. RADIANT (Sky Mesa - Luster, by Touch Gold)
Sire 32-203 (16%) 2yo FTS; 1st starter from G3 SP dam (113K, 0-1 at 2, 2-7 sprint); 3rd dam G2 SW Wild Applause (240K, 2-3 at 2, 2-3 sprint); barn 0-42 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa; lots of class on the bottom of this pedigree.

9. MALLORY STREET (Street Sense - Mayfield, by Exploit)
140K RNA 2yo after 1F work 10.1; 1/2 SP sprinter Angels in Arms (90K, 0-2 at 2, 2-8 sprint) by 9-69 (13%) 2yo FTS; dam won sprint (56K, 2-3 sprint) with 4 winners from 5 runners (1-4 with 2yos, debut winner, 4-5 with sprinters); dam 1/2 multiple SW sprinter Daimon (222K, 9-24 sprint), multiple SP Jack Wilson (68K, 0-2 at 2, 4-11 sprint), G2 SW Penny's Reshoot (249K, 2-2 at 2, 3-6 sprint), multiple SW sprinter Twin Propeller (195K, 2-2 at 2, 8-14 sprint), SP Ahpo Here (265K, 3-8 sprint), SW Hope Rises (170K, 2-4 sprint); barn 2-5 (40%, $6.50 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint Spa.

10. IRELAND (Afleet Alex - Classy Mirage, by Storm Bird)
115K yearling; full to G1 2yo sprinter Dublin (438K, 2-5 at 2, 2-4 sprint) and 1/2 to G2 SP sprinter Mike's Classic (328K, 0-2 at 2, 12-39 sprint) by 44-431 (10%) 2yo sire; dam G1 sprint SW (716K, 12-23 sprint) and has 9 winners from 12 starters (3-8 with 2yos, 7-12 sprinters); dam 1/2 multiple G1 Missy's Mirage (838K, 2-4 at 2, 12-24 sprint), multiple SW Joey's First Jove (309K, 1-2 at 2, 14-43 sprint); barn 2-24 (8%, $1.45 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-out 2yo MSW dirt sprint Spa; jock's 2nd call.

1. Divided Attention
2. Clever Beauty
3. Radiant

Divided Attention to WIN at 7-2 odds or greater

1 1/16 Miles (Turf)
Maiden Claiming ($65,000)
Purse $54,000

1. RACETRACK ROMANCE (Bellamy Road - Major's Girl, by Purge)
70K yearling; sire 7-67 (10%) 2yo FTS, 6-76 (8%) 1st-turf; 1st starter from unplaced dam (0-1 at 2, 0-1 turf); dam 1/2 SW sprinter Mountain Girl (131K, 1-2 at 2), 2yo G1 route SW Siphonic (774K, 3-4 at 2, won debut); barn 2-4 (50%, $3.70 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MCL turf route; 5/22, 5/29 works match Keeneland Kitten (5th FTS MSW turf 45 Beyer ELP 7/28); 6/19 work matches Thank You Marylou (1st FTS Tippett Stakes turf 65 Beyer CNL 7/13); 7/8, 7/22 works match Bold Visionary (2nd FTS MSW dirt 63 Beyer 8/3); wouldn't be a surprise.

2. COOL VISION (Stormy Atlantic - Idols Eye, by A.P. Indy)
150K yearling; sire 54-503 (11%) 2yo FTS, 74-580 (13%) 1st-turf; unraced dam has 2 winners from 4 runners (0-1 with 2yos, 1-2 with turfers, 1st-turf winner); dam 1/2 2yo G1 turf SP Old Deuteronomy (Ireland, 238K, 1-6 at 2, won debut, 3-15 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 1-21 (5%, $0.36 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS turf route (0-8 Spa)

3. GREEK GOD (Pleasantly Perfect - Grecian Wings, by Mr. Greeley)
1/2 SW Hard Enough (104K, 1-5 at 2, 2-8 turf) by 45-204 (22%) 2yo, 68-517 (13%) turf sire; SW dam (165K, 0-2 at 2, 1-4 turf) has 3 winners from 4 runners (2-3 with 2yos, 2-3 with turfers); 2nd dam SP Turning Around (90K, 0-1 at 2, 3-14 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 4-15 (27%, $2.29 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-time 2yos on turf (none stretching out in MCL); winner of Jamestown now 3-3 after taking dirt stake at Delaware with 82 Beyer; capable at this level.

4. LIEUTENANT SEANY O (Bluegrass Cat - Lady Lightning, by Birdstone)
50K weanling, 70K yearling; sire 25-165 (15%) 2yo FTS, 10-142 (7%) 1st-turf; 1st starter from unraced dam; dam 1/2 2yo G1 route SW Stevie Wonderboy (1.0M, 3-5 at 2), turf SP Queen Joanne (161K, 0-3 at 2, 2-10 turf), 2yo G3 turf SW Theyskens' Theory (195K, 2-5 at 2, 4-10 turf); barn 0-11 past 5 years 2yo FTS turf route.

5. MEXIKOMA (Birdstone - Toccet Over, by Toccet)
55K 2yo after 2F work 21.1; sire 35-312 (11%) 2yo, 11-216 (5%) turf; 1st starter from sprint-placed dam (0-3); dam 1/2 SW Doctor Decherd (159K, 1-3 at 2, 0-1 turf), barn 2-5 (40%, $6.51 ROI) past 5 years 2yos (0-1 on turf); faced good group of special weights and didn't have the easiest trip; respect dropping and adding blinks.

6. NICE WAY (First Samurai - Wheatly Way, by Wheatly Hall)
60K 2yo after 2F work 22.2; 1/2 2yo G1 sprint SW Bevo (410K, 4-5 at 2), 2yo G3 route SW Moonlight Sonata (145K, 1-6 at 2, 0-4 turf), turf SP Carson Hall (249K, 0-2 at 2, 5-29 turf) by 40-291 (14%) 2yo, 57-372 (15%) turf sire; 2yo sprint SW dam (73K, 2-9 at 2, 0-3 turf) with 7 winners from 12 runners (4-9 with 2yos, 4-5 turfers, 2 first-turf winners); dam 1/2 SP Satan's Way (89K, 3-12 at 2, 0-4 turf), multiple SP Olde Elegance (275K, 2-6 at 2, 8-29 turf); barn 0-25 past 5 years 2yos turf; must improve.

7. HAVANA MIKE (Salute the Sarge - Ellie Boo, by Pulpit)
Sire 1-32 (3%) 2yo FTS, 1-12 (8%) 1st-turf; unraced dam has 1 winner from 1 runner (0-1 with 2yos, 0-1 turf); dam full SP router Pulpit's Treasure (14K, 0-2 at 2, 0-1 turf); female family multiple SW Jazzing Around (448K, 2-9 at 2, 0-1 turf); barn 1-5 (20%, $2.68 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS turf.

8. FROGMAN MEL (Stormy Atlantic - Stolen Humor, by Distorted Humor)
Sire 236-1597 (15%) 2yo, 447-2940 (15%) turf; 1st starter from winning dam (86K, 0-4 turf): 2nd dam G3 SW Clamorosa (343K, 1-3 at 2, 1-11 turf); barn 4-29 (14%, $0.82 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-out 2yos sprint/route turf (0-1 in MCL); seems like a good fit at this level.

1. Racetrack Romance
2. Mexikoma
3. Greek God

Racetrack Romance to WIN at 7-2 odds or greater

1 1/16 Miles (Turf)
Maiden Special Weight
Purse $85,000

1. WE MISS ARTIE (Artie Schiller - Athena's Gift, by Fusaichi Pegasus)
90K yearling; sire 26-252 (10%) 2yo, 16-134 (12%) 1st-turf; dam won turf (121K, 0-3 at 2, 2-4 turf) with 1 winner from 2 runners (0-2 with 2yos, 0-1 with turfers); dam 1/2 multiple G2 SP sprinter Rushin' To Altar (297K, 1-4 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 2-15 (13%, $0.85 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-time 2yos dirt/turf, sprint/route MSW Spa; 8/5 work matches Bashart (61 turf Beyer); winner of debut returned to finish 4th Sanford; should save ground while up close early.

1A. INDIGO KITTEN (Kitten's Joy - Blue Holiday, by Cure the Blues)
110K RNA yearling; 1/2 SW sprinter Notonthesamepage (120K, 1-5 at 2, 1-1 turf), full G2 SW sprinter Holiday for Kitten (327K, 1-4 at 2, 3-12 turf) by 33-185 (18%) 2yo FTS and 40-254 (16%) 1st-turf sire; dam won sprinting (303K, 0-1 turf) with 5 winners from 5 runners (2-5 2yos, 3-5 turfers, 2 1st-turf winners); female family G1 SW Bedtime Promise (950K); barn 1-11 (9%, $0.61 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route (0-6 Spa); 8/5 work went .02 slower than Ainteasybeinggreen (53 turf Beyer).

2. READY MECKE (Ready's Image - An Annika Moment, by Mecke)
10.5K weanling, 80K yearling; 1/2 2yo SW sprinter Madame Cactus (157K, 2-4 at 2) by 2-25 (8%) 2yo FTS, 1-13 (8%) 1st-turf sire; dam won turf (109K, 0-2 at 2, 1-12 turf) with 2 winners from 3 runners (2-2 with 2yos, 0-1 with turfers); dam 1/2 2yo G3 SP turf Ready for Sprint (England); barn 1-9 (11%, $1.57 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route; 7/17 work matches Amore Grand (entered FTS Fri. R5); 4/10 work matches Reversiontothemean (7th FTS MSW dirt 31 Beyer 7/31); 5/9, 5/18 works match Highrate (5th FTS MSW dirt CD 48 Beyer 6/21); 7/7 work matches Little Boss (8th FTS MSW turf 23 Beyer 8/7); 2 works match Smart Cover (1st MSW turf ELP 59 Beyer 7/28); 7/31 work matches Liberal Spin (66 turf Beyer, entered Sat. R1)

3. ALL TIED UP (Even the Score - Satinet, by Olympio)
70K RNA weanling, 70K yearling, 130K 2yo after 1F work 10.3; 1/2 multiple SW Britt's Jules (493K, 3-8 at 2, 1-7 turf), G1 SP sprinter Social Probation (205K, 2-5 at 2, won debut, 0-2 turf), SP sprinter Dirty Rush (77K, 0-1 at 2, 1-4 turf), multiple SW Probation Ready (289K, 2-5 at 2, 3-12 turf) by 9-109 (8%) 2yo FTS, 16-120 (13%) 1st-turf sire; dam won sprint (72K, 1-5 at 2) with 7 winners from 9 runners (4-6 with 2yos, 1 FTS winner, 4-7 turfers, 1 first-turf winner); dam 1/2 multiple SW Promise of War (437K, 1-1 at 2, 12-50 turf), SW Baldwin County (241K, 1-2 at 2, 0-3 turf); barn 5-38 (13%, $1.08 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa; 6/10 work matches Danza (1st FTS MSW dirt 68 Beyer BEL 7/12); 6/16, 7/1 works match Bashart (3rd FTS MSW turf 61 Beyer BEL 7/12); 6/16 work went .01 faster than Seanchai (4th 'n2x' turf 72 Beyer MTH 7/4); 6/23 work matches Pecorino (2nd FTS MSW dirt 71 Beyer 7/22); 7/8 work matches Murmure (7th FTS MSW turf 61 Beyer 7/28); 7/15, 7/22, 7/28 works match Mack Miller (5th FTS MSW turf 51 Beyer 8/7)

4. BREAKEVEN ANALYSIS (Lemon Drop Kid - Le Caire, by Cozzene)
70K weanling, 185K yearling; sire 26-233 (11%) 2yo FTS, 48-410 (12%) 1st-turf; 1st starter from turf winner (46K, 0-1 at 2, 1-2 turf, 1st-turf winner); dam 1/2 G3 turf SP Western Summer (161K, 1-1 at 2, 4-12 turf, 1st-turf winner), SP Honour the West (64K, 1-3 at 2, won debut, 0-4 turf); barn 6-29 (21%, $2.39 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa; 6/25, 7/8 works match uncoupled mate Drive; jock's 2nd call.

5. CLOSET E (Street Sense - Amandatude, by Aptitude)
250K yearling by 26-182 (14%) 2yo, 13-81 (16%) 1st-turf sire; 1st starter from route SW dam (408K, 1-4 at 2, 0-1 turf); dam 1/2 turf SW Maid of Heaven (158Km 3-13 turf); barn 10-62 (16%, $1.50 ROI) past 5 years dirt to turf (0-7 Spa); 8/5 work matches Willyconker (entered Sat. R10); expecting a good effort stretching out and switching to grass.

6. EIRIGH (More Than Ready - Pleasant N Low, by Pleasant Tap)
100K yearling by 44-389 (11%) 2yo FTS, 70-493 (14%) 1st-turf sire; unraced dam has 1 winner from 2 runners (1-1 with 2yos, 0-1 with turfers); dam 1/2 SW Whiskey and Low (146K, 1-1 at 2, 0-2 turf); barn 1-9 (11%, $1.57 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route; sire gets some good turfers.

7. PATENT (A.P. Indy - Issaqueena, by Mr. Prospector)
1/2 G2 SW Tizaqueena (654K, 1-1 at 2, 4-12 turf, 1st-turf winner) by 175-1070 (16%) 2yo, 58-534 (11%) 1st-turf sire; dam won sprint (58K, 0-1 turf) with 3 winners from 5 runners (1-3 with 2yos, 3-4 turfers, 2 first-turf winners); dam 1/2 multiple SP Cosmic Wing (114K, 1-3 at 2, 1-6 turf, 1st-turf winner), SW Charley Tango (375K, 2-5 at 2, 1-14 turf); barn 1-6 (17%, $1.36 ROI) past 5 years 2nd-time 2yos dirt/turf, sprint/route MSW; took lots of money for debut and is eligible to show speed here.

8. FLORIDA WON (Birdstone - Grand Portege, by Grand Slam)
385K yearling; sire 10-102 (10%) 2yo FTS, 3-86 (3%) 1st-turf sire; dam won sprint (101K, 0-1 at 2) with 0 winners from 1 runner (0-1 with 2yos); dam 1/2 multiple G3 SW Baghdaria (725K, 2-4 at 2, 1-1 turf), G1 route SW Lady Joanne (987K, 2-4 at 2), G2 SW Afleeting Lady (473K, 0-1 turf), multiple G1 route SW Shackleford (3.0M, 1-2 at 2), SW Stephanoatsee (256K, 1-3 at 2); barn 0-25 past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa; 8/4 work matches Irish Tart (entered FTS Fri. R5)

9. CANADIAN WINNER (Pulpit - Ms. Cornstalk, by Indian Charlie)
400K yearling; 1/2 multiple G3 SW Biofuel (781K, 2-5 at 2, won debut, 0-1 turf), G3 SW sprinter Tu Endie Wei (528K, 3-4 at 2, won debut, 0-1 turf) by 44-363 (12%) 2yo FTS, 41-420 (10%) 1st-turf sire; unraced dam has 3 winners from 3 runners (2-3 with 2yos, 2 debut winners, 0-2 with turfers); dam 1/2 G2 route SW Dansil (538K, 4-9 at 2, 1-7 turf, 1st-turf winner); barn 1-9 (11%, $6.33 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW turf route Spa; 7/22 work matches Channel Isle (8th 'n2x' turf 76 Beyer 7/27); 7/30 work matches Optimizer (101 turf Beyer)

10. DRIVE (A.P. Indy - Sweet Sarah, by Deputy Minister)
1/2 SP router Amped (122K, 0-1 at 2, 0-1 sprint) by 46-412 (11%) 2yo FTS sire; unplaced dam (0-5 at 2, 0-2 sprint) has 3 winners from 4 runners (1-3 with 2yos, 2-4 with sprinters); dam 1/2 turf SP Krista's Quick Chic (81K, 0-3 sprint); barn 4-19 (21%, $2.14 ROI) past 5 years 2yo FTS MSW dirt sprint; jock's 1st call

1. Closet E
2. Canadian Winner
3. Eirigh

THE PLAY (Turf Only):
Closet E to WIN and PLACE at 5-1 odds or greater

6 1/2 Furlongs
Adirondack Stakes (G2)
2-year-old fillies
Purse $200,000

1. UNTAPABLE (Tapit - Fun House, by Prized)
1/2 sister to Grade 1 turf winner Paddy O'Prado showed good speed to beat two next-out winners (55, 59 Beyers respectively); she battled with two others early and held off all comers despite failing to make her final lead change until the eighth pole; stuck down on the rail, she may be forced to send from the gate in order to secure a solid forward position; can't ignore.

2. FIFTYSHADESOFGOLD (My Golden Song - Hadif Cat, by Hadif)
Undefeated Texas-bred couldn't have been more impressive when dominating 10 others in the Debutante; took a light bump at the start, was sent up to press very fast fractions while three wide and inhaled the pacesetting runnerup on the turn; once in front, she stayed straight and true all the way to the line; not sure she beat much as only 1 of the 8 horses to come back from the race hit the board (2nd - 46 Beyer); versatility plays well as she can lead or stalk; working quickly for top barn; very dangerous.

3. THANK YOU MARYLOU (Birdstone - Menifeeque, by Menifee)
Although she graduated on turf at Colonial, she has acceptable dirt breeding; the sire won the Belmont and was quick enough to score 1st-out at Saratoga at 2; the dam was a stakes-winning router on dirt and the second dam was a stakes-winning sprinter on dirt; worked out a nice trip in the Tippet, saving ground behind the leaders before splitting rivals in upper stretch; ; 8/3 work matches Tycoon (95 Beyer top dirt); steps up in class, but should be running late; interesting.

4. WHO'S IN TOWN (Speightstown - Who's Cozy, by Cozzene)
Dam was G3 SP on grass, but has also foaled SP dirt sprinter Campaign Vows; only faced 3 others in debut, but was flattered somewhat when NY-bred runnerup returned to beat statebred maidens here on Wednesday with 62 Beyer; confidently handled and showed professionalism by easing off the rail early to press Con Gee on the turn; was going away from that one on her own late, but takes a big step up in class here; may fit best on bottom of exotics.

5. DESIGNER LEGS (Graeme Hall - Elegant Designer, by Suave Prospect)
Has the pedigree to be a quick one as her dam won 4 stakes races in her career; has shown the willingness to rate from off the pace and that could work out well with some quick ones entered to her inside; not sure what she beat at Prairie Meadows (More Than Beauty, 2nd behind Fiftyshadesofgold at CD, stumbled at the break) and she didn't change leads in the stretch; needs slight improvement to take these down.

6. CHARMED HOUR (Harlan's Holiday - Voodoo Lily, by Baldski)
Certainly has the pedigree to be a good runner as her dam was a Grade 3 sprint winner that has also foaled Grade 1-placed router Magical Illusion, multiple G3-placed router Shah Jehan and Grade 2-placed router Lily O'Gold; it looks like she has lots to learn as she seemed green at Ellis, racing on her right lead on the turn while under an early whip; was game to prevail, but these are much tougher.

7. HOP THE SIX (Artie Schiller - Pulpit Fiction, by Pulpit)
Although she took some inside pressure from the runner-up in the recent win at Delaware, she was simply too fast for that rival and shook clear on the turn; has a good amount of early speed, but draws outside the other burners and may opt to rate in order to avoid a speed duel; Artie Schiller filly has some ability, but takes a big step up in class here; perhaps best played 'underneath'

1. Fiftyshadesofgold
2. Thank You Marylou
3. Untapable

Fiftyshadesofgold - Thank You Marylou EXACTA
Fiftyshadesofgold - Untapable EXACTA

6 1/2 Furlongs
Saratoga Special (G2)
Purse $200,000

1. LUNARWARFARE (War Pass - Lunar Star, by Silver Ghost)
Hustled out of the gate at Gulfstream, but was outsprinted to the top by Million Dollar Man (next-out winner with 63 Beyer); that one bore out entering the turn, taking Lunarwarfare out a path or so, but the War Pass colt was undaunted; took over for good turning for home and strode away nicely in the stretch; earned a big figure, but must stretch out 2 furlongs while breaking from a tough inside post against better foes; think there's talent here; won't count out.

2. OGERMEISTER (Silver Train - To the Good Times, by Polish Numbers)
Don't hold the European excursion against him as he may simply be a better runner on dirt; showed big speed in debut at Belmont en route to a facile win, but the two NY-breds to run back from that race have yet to distinguish themselves; barn excels with fleet juveniles, but this gelding will likely face a tougher class of opponent as well as a faster pace scenario this time around.

3. CANDY DANDY (Candy Ride - Saracina, by Bertrando)
Although cold on the board in his debut at Churchill Downs, the gray did some running to outfinish next-out Spa graduates Dunkin Bend (78 Beyer) and Base Case Scenario (71 turf); to be fair, he also received a wonderful trip under Rosie Napravnik; after breaking quickly and to the outside, he rated off a fast duel and angled to the outside; blew past the tired pacesetters in upper stretch and drew away despite seeming a bit green; like the string of 5F works for this; not out of it.

4. CORFU (Malibu Moon - Fashion Cat, by Forest Wildcat)
It wasn't a stretch to think that the Barretts March sales-topper had speed and he broke aggressively here 17 days ago; was immediately confronted by two pace challengers, but stayed in front gamely in the stretch; dam is a 1/2 to multiple G1 route SW Peace Rules so there is some hope he'll go a bit longer; could be the main speed; respect.

5. TWANG (Dixie Union - Spoken, by Unbridled's Song)
Finished directly behind Ride On Curlin in the debut and that one returned to win at Ellis with a 91 Beyer; faced no such foe in local bow and made the early lead without much fuss; drew away in upper stretch and scored without feeling the sting of the whip; it was a solid effort, but he may have to go much faster in the early stages of the Saratoga Special; draws nicely outside the speedy Corfu, but prefer on bottom of exotics.

6. DANZA (Street Boss - Champagne Royale, by French Deputy)
Pletcher baby didn't graduate in the fastest time and the fifth-finisher returned to lose by 18 3/4 lengths with a 16 Beyer here on August 5; still, he did a lot of running at Belmont; pressed the leader from the 3 path on the turn and was immediately confronted from the inside by the runner-up once he put the pacesetter to bed; involved in a pitched battle through the stretch and dug down deep to win; has some upside, but needs Beyer boost if he is to show these who's boss.

7. WIRED BRYAN (Stormy Atlantic - Red Melody, by Runaway Groom)
NY-bred hasn't done anything wrong and he wheels back on short notice after upsetting the Grade 2 Sanford at 7-1 odds; broke sweetly and went right to the front and wasn't discouraged when passed by the 3rd-finisher entering the turn; battled back to reclaim the lead turning for home and drew off late; still, he didn't beat any divisional stars and was very green, flashing his tail and hopping back to his left lead in the final sixteenth; certainly a contender, but demand value.

1. Lunarwarfare
2. Wired Bryan
3. Corfu

Lunarwarfare to WIN and PLACE at 4-1 odds or greater