07/28/2013 10:15AM

Saratoga Picks: July 29, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

72-20(42)Kenny PeckMike Beer

MadrisPyro CityBashful BanditMadris11
1Pyro CityMadrisMadrisPyro City8
ChardseyLife's a RoarPyro CityBashful Bandit5

Wedding ToastProud VixenFlores IslandFlores Island9
2Flores IslandFlores IslandProud VixenProud Vixen8
Proud VixenCora MesaWedding ToastWedding Toast6

MahnaLiquid LunchQuayLiquid Lunch6
3Kiss Me LolaKiss Me LolaKiss Me LolaKiss Me Lola6
Wild OneAireofdistinctionLiquid LunchMahna5

CeaseBig ScreenBig ScreenBig Screen12
4Big ScreenDon DulceTech FallCease5
Tech FallTech FallFlashy SunriseTech Fall4

River BossBold ForestOne Golden RoadBold Forest8
5One Golden RoadMajestic JessBold ForestRiver Boss7
Bold ForestRiver BossRiver BossOne Golden Road7

MarriedtothemusicHoly EndeavorCountknickerbockerCountknickerbocker7
6Dr FigawiStonelessLord of LoveHoly Endeavor5
BizarroworldBizarroworldDeferred AssetMarriedtothemusic5

Ultimate EmpireUltimate EmpireUltimate EmpireUltimate Empire17
7PiscesbymoonlightPiscesbymoonlightSea to SkyPiscesbymoonlight5
Sea to SkySea to SkyPiscesbymoonlightSea to Sky4

Dance to BristolLivi MakenzieGlorious ViewDance to Bristol9
8Livi MakenzieDance to BristolDance to BristolLivi Makenzie7
BurbanBurbanBurbanGlorious View5

RevenueBullet BabyRevenueRevenue10
9Nice StuffGranby GirlCaribbean LadyBullet Baby5
Delightful DawnCaribbean LadyNice StuffCaribbean Lady3

Typhoon TeriBebes PassionMononokeBebes Passion5
10Glassy AlyFerrittoAlexaMononoke5
ScienziatoScienziatoGlassy AlyTyphoon Teri5