07/25/2013 7:52PM

Saratoga Picks: July 27, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

52-11(27)Kenny PeckMike Beer

Caixa EletronicaIndy ScentMagic HarborCaixa Eletronica7
1Au MoonPoint TakenJoan's ChoiceIndy Scent5
Point TakenCaixa EletronicaCaixa EletronicaMagic Harbor5

Bobby's KittenStroll to VictoryBase Case ScenarioBase Case Scenario7
2Base Case ScenarioBobby's KittenStroll to VictoryBobby's Kitten7
Divorce PartyIndigo KittenDivorce PartyStroll to Victory7

Sky DramaJustin NguyenTwangTwang9
3TwangTwangSky DramaSky Drama8
Bay of BiscaySky DramaBay of BiscayJustin Nguyen5

4ParnelliParnelliMr. JenneyParnelli9
Supreme CommanderFederal AgentSupreme CommanderSupreme Commander2

Kauai KatieWildcat LilyKauai KatieKauai Katie14
5Wildcat LilyKauai KatieJu Ju EyeballsWildcat Lily7
So Many WaysSo Many WaysIrish LuteSo Many Ways2

Winning TouchAlcomatchWinning TouchWinning Touch10
6AlcomatchLaysh Laysh LayshBilly One LiteAlcomatch7
Non StopIt's Truly AhveeNon StopNon Stop2

Favor FactorLead SingerBalthazarFavor Factor8
7CantonicCantonicFavor FactorBalthazar7
Indy SeaFavor FactorCantonicLead Singer5

Kris RoyalKris RoyalMajestic RaffyKris Royal12
8Eternal RulerMajestic RaffyKris RoyalMajestic Raffy7
PlainviewEternal RulerPlainviewEternal Ruler3

Centre CourtStephanie's KittenCentre CourtCentre Court11
9Stephanie's KittenLaughingStephanie's KittenStephanie's Kitten9
DayatthespaCentre CourtDayatthespaDayatthespa2

Palace MaliceVyjackPalace MalicePalace Malice10
10MyluteCode WestFreedom ChildVyjack5
Code WestPerfect TitleMyluteCode West3

ChristiesborntorunChristiesborntorunBrown IndianChristiesborntorun12
11Jess Not JesseJess Not JesseShmooz TalkerBrown Indian6
Brown IndianWritingonthewallYield BogeyJess Not Jesse4