07/19/2013 8:38PM

Saratoga Picks: July 21, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.
  4-3(3) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      
  Fox Rox Fox Rox Tapidor Fox Rox 12
1 Double Gold Cat Squad Fox Rox Tapidor 5
  Thug Daddy Double Gold Empire Dreams Double Gold 3
  Red Vine Red Vine First Beach Red Vine 12
2 All That First Beach Red Vine First Beach 7
  Mio d'Oro Mio d'Oro Secretive Mio d'Oro 2
  Nubin Ridge Downtownoscarbrown Thinking of Girls Nubin Ridge 7
3 Bemata Poliziano Nubin Ridge Thinking of Girls 6
  Thinking of Girls School Spirit Reggie D Downtownoscarbrown 5
  Uno Duo Pow Wow Wow Uno Duo Uno Duo 12
4 Pow Wow Wow Uno Duo Pow Wow Wow Pow Wow Wow 11
  Keening Keening Keening Keening 3
  Wild Billum Tater Downs Summit County Tater Downs 9
5 Tater Downs Summit County Tater Downs Summit County 7
  He's So Fine Wild Billum He's So Fine Wild Billum 6
  Vinny Goodtimes Vinny Goodtimes Vinny Goodtimes Vinny Goodtimes 17
6 Easy Reach Easy Reach Southern Match Easy Reach 4
  Southern Match Streets of Fire Won'tualwayswonder Southern Match 3
  Atlantic's Smile Transplendid As Well Transplendid 7
7 Transplendid Isn'tshewonderfull Isn'tshewonderfull Atlantic's Smile 6
  Joy Seeker Life's a Stage Atlantic's Smile As Well 5
  Great Attack Great Attack Artest Great Attack 10
8 Tightend Touchdown Longhunter Longhunter Artest 5
  Doctor Chit Tightend Touchdown Tightend Touchdown Tightend Touchdown 4
  Hollywood Talent Wired Bryan Debt Ceiling Debt Ceiling 7
9 Debt Ceiling All in Blue All in Blue Hollywood Talent 5
  All in Blue Yes Liz Jake's Magic Hat Wired Bryan 5
  She's Stones Sis She's Stones Sis Saltamontes She's Stones Sis 11
10 What the Frost What the Frost City Gone Wild Saltamontes 7
  Kitty Panda Kitty Panda She's Stones Sis What the Frost 4