08/06/2013 12:24PM

Saratoga Picks August 7, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  159-46(93) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      

  War Hawk Little Boss War Hawk War Hawk 12
1 Belly of the Whale War Hawk Belly of the Whale Little Boss 6
  Little Boss Catfive More Than Classic Belly of the Whale 4

  Marriedtothemusic Bond Vigilante Marriedtothemusic Marriedtothemusic 11
2 Bond Vigilante Chapman Bond Vigilante Bond Vigilante 9
  Chapman Marriedtothemusic Chapman Chapman 4

  Ampa's Girl Gingee Sarah's Wild Girl Ampa's Girl 7
3 Mononoke Scienziato Rufus Ruth Gingee 5
  Rufus Ruth Ampa's Girl Ampa's Girl Sarah's Wild Girl 5

  Favorite Uncle Flying Bird Upward Flying Bird 7
4 Vee's Accolade Vee's Accolade Bemata Favorite Uncle 5
  Mighty Ian Drum Roll Vee's Accolade Upward 5

  Escapefromreality Old Pal of Mine West Hills Giant West Hills Giant 11
5 West Hills Giant West Hills Giant Old Pal of Mine Old Pal of Mine 8
  Old Pal of Mine Belief System Captain Gaughen Escapefromreality 5

  Malibu Mudslide Pan Dulce Ivy Chain Malibu Mudslide 8
6 So Royal Malibu Mudslide So Royal Ivy Chain 5
  Blue Ballerina So Royal Malibu Mudslide Pan Dulce 5

  Temper in Command Caribean Beat Roses for Romney Roses for Romney 8
7 Roses for Romney Sally's Dream Sally's Dream Temper in Command 8
  Caribean Beat Roses for Romney Temper in Command Caribean Beat 6

  Thinking of Girls Poised to a Tee Political Justice Thinking of Girls 7
8 Taproot Thinking of Girls Taproot Poised to a Tee 5
  Assured Victory Assured Victory Terminus Political Justice 5

  N. F.'s Destiny Love Those Boots Console Console 8
9 Ravalo Console Perregaux Love Those Boots 5
  Console Perregaux Quality Council N. F.'s Destiny 5

  Won'tualwayswonder Shortcoming Won'tualwayswonder Won'tualwayswonder 10
10 Solo Approach Mise En Place Sunnyinseabrook Shortcoming 6
  Shortcoming Code Z Solo Approach Solo Approach 3