08/03/2013 11:16AM

Saratoga Picks: August 4, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

127-33(72)Kenny PeckMike Beer

Sneaky BlowoutCalm PacificLochteCalm Pacific5
1DefiantCamp FloydMetroLochte5
MetroBrilliant CommandDefiantSneaky Blowout5

Ketel TwistKetel TwistKetel TwistKetel Twist15
Fierce BootsFierce BootsLa Reine BourbonFierce Boots2

Road AgentMeet the MetsRisk ManagementRoad Agent9
3Risk ManagementRoad AgentMeet the MetsMeet the Mets8
Meet the MetsMr RodriguezMr RodriguezRisk Management7

ConsortiumConsortiumMajestic HussarConsortium12
4EastwoodEastwoodConsortiumMajestic Hussar7
Majestic HussarMajestic HussarEastwoodEastwood5

EnqueteMalibu AngelEnqueteEnquete12
5Julia TutwilerEnqueteJulia TutwilerMalibu Angel5
Guilty VerdictGarzoniGuilty VerdictJulia Tutwiler4

ZivoWee FreudianDehere of the CatDehere of the Cat7
6ItsagoodtendollarsItsagoodtendollarsWee FreudianWee Freudian7
Dehere of the CatDehere of the CatJunior OfficerZivo5

Satin SheeksMoonlit SonnetBourbon TwistMoonlit Sonnet8
7Moonlit SonnetCentrinaSatin SheeksSatin Sheeks7
Hurricane JackieGolden CheetahMoonlit SonnetBourbon Twist7

Bobby JoGiulio's JewelIndian SplendorGiulio's Jewel8
8Giulio's JewelStrategic MissileSpooky KittenBobby Jo5
Strategic MissileSpun SilkyGiulio's JewelIndian Splendor5

Justin PhillipGentlemen's BetDelaunayGentlemen's Bet11
9Gentlemen's BetDelaunayGentlemen's BetDelaunay8
DelaunayBahamian SquallCaixa EletronicaJustin Phillip5

Suns Out Guns OutTricky HatTahoe LakeTricky Hat7
10Tricky HatMajestic RaffyFilm MakingTahoe Lake6
Film MakingTahoe LakeMajestic RaffySuns Out Guns Out5

Eleven BravoElroiKey DecisionEleven Bravo7
11SunnysiderPolaris DreamCampogiovanniKey Decision6
Key DecisionEleven BravoEleven BravoElroi5