08/30/2013 11:21AM

Saratoga Picks: August 31, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  369-101(230) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      

  Satin Sheeks Flirtatious Spring Schillerette Satin Sheeks 6
1 The Lady Says Yes John's Mariah Centrina Flirtatious Spring 5
  John's Mariah The Lady Says Yes Satin Sheeks Schillerette 5

  Shadow Banking Prague Request Shadow Banking 6
2 Romans Paradise Long Station Danaus Prague 5
  Smooth Daddy Romans Paradise Shadow Banking Request 5

  Misconnect Honor Code Honor Code Honor Code 11
3 Tiznowforamerica Pulpit's Legacy Misconnect Misconnect 7
  Honor Code Borseggiatore Signature Smile Pulpit's Legacy 2

  Tahoe Lake Tahoe Lake Newfound Zapper Tahoe Lake 10
4 Cheyenne Nation Alburj Cheyenne Nation Newfound Zapper 7
  State Flag Cheyenne Nation Idle American Cheyenne Nation 5

  Village Warrior Grand Arrival Grand Arrival Grand Arrival 11
5 Good Response Commanding Curve No Dishonor Village Warrior 6
  Grand Arrival Justin Nguyen Village Warrior Commanding Curve 2

  Live Life Fast Taramislew Accomplish First Accomplish First 5
6 Rosalie's Pleasure Rosalie's Pleasure Lakeview Lady Live Life Fast 5
  Stock Fund Courageous Karen Rosalie's Pleasure Taramislew 5

  Justa Runner Gombey Dancer Justa Runner Justa Runner 10
7 Tenango Dawly Gombey Dancer Gombey Dancer 8
  Gombey Dancer Tenango Googleado Tenango 3

  Silver Max Silver Max Silver Max Silver Max 17
8 Za Approval Tetradrachm Za Approval Za Approval 4
  Tetradrachm So Long George Turallure Tetradrachm 3

  Justin Phillip Jackson Bend Justin Phillip Justin Phillip 10
9 Fast Bullet Sage Valley Sage Valley Jackson Bend 5
  Saratoga Snacks Fast Bullet Fast Bullet Fast Bullet 4

  Paynter Flat Out Successful Dan Flat Out 9
10 Flat Out Fort Larned Flat Out Paynter 9
  Successful Dan Paynter Paynter Successful Dan 6

  Bill of Rights East of Danzig Nineinthenine East of Danzig 7
11 Annawon Nineinthenine Formulaforsuccess Nineinthenine 7
  East of Danzig Formulaforsuccess East of Danzig Bill of Rights 5

  Whiskey Romeo Reggie D Whiskey Romeo Whiskey Romeo 10
12 Much Stronger Much Stronger Chapman Reggie D 6
  Island Sunset Island Sunset Reggie D Much Stronger 4

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