08/02/2013 9:42AM

Saratoga Picks: August 3, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  117-30(66) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      

  Googleado Googleado Slan Abhaile Googleado 10
1 Slan Abhaile Indian Nobility Gombey Dancer Slan Abhaile 7
  Rincon Behr Midnite Poppa Midnite Poppa Midnite Poppa 2

  Tiz for Tat Stormy Henry Tiz for Tat Tiz for Tat 14
2 Mr. O'Leary Tiz for Tat Mr. O'Leary Stormy Henry 6
  Arriving Frame Stormy Henry Mr. O'Leary 4

  Nodebtdanny High Inflation Nodebtdanny Nodebtdanny 11
3 Cebu Glassy Aly High Inflation High Inflation 8
  High Inflation Nodebtdanny Diamond Maker Cebu 2

  Irish Lion Kanagaro Kanagaro Kanagaro 10
4 Formulaforsuccess East of Danzig Quantity Irish Lion 5
  Quantity Dual Citizen Formulaforsuccess Formulaforsuccess 3

  Chrissy Girl Kate Is a Ten Raven Rise Chrissy Girl 9
5 Raven Rise Chrissy Girl Chrissy Girl Raven Rise 7
  Done Smoking Left Uppercut Left Uppercut Kate Is a Ten 5

  Gimme Credit Archer Hill Gimme Credit Gimme Credit 12
6 Tycoon Cat Gimme Credit Sunlover Archer Hill 9
  Archer Hill With Exultation Archer Hill Sunlover 2

  Dunkin Bend Bold Visionary Dunkin Bend Dunkin Bend 14
7 Chisholm Dunkin Bend Souper Lucky Bold Visionary 5
  Bird Now Big Air Bird Now Bird Now 2

  Tetradrachm Admiral Perry Fan Base Tetradrachm 8
8 Admiral Perry Tetradrachm Abilio Admiral Perry 7
  Set the Sail Set the Sail Tetradrachm Fan Base 5

  Laugh Out Loud Ruthenia Laugh Out Loud Laugh Out Loud 10
9 Ruthenia Embarr Ruthenia Ruthenia 9
  Baffle Me Sweet Little Lion Baffle Me Baffle Me 2

  Fort Larned Ron the Greek Successful Dan Fort Larned 9
10 Cross Traffic Fort Larned Fort Larned Ron the Greek 6
  Ron the Greek Csaba Cross Traffic Successful Dan 5

  L B's Expression Ave's Halo Ave's Halo Ave's Halo 10
11 Wild Grace A Prettydixie My Uptown Gal L B's Expression 5
  My Uptown Gal White Crane Desert Bliss My Uptown Gal 3

  Won'tualwayswonder Fiddlers Chico Summer Shiner Fiddlers Chico 6
12 St. Sincere Shortcoming St. Sincere Summer Shiner 5
  Shortcoming St. Sincere Fiddlers Chico Won'tualwayswonder 5