08/28/2013 9:32AM

Saratoga Picks August 29, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  355-97(222) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      

  Royal Fling Shot Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom 12
1 Kingdom Constant Contact Bluegrass Summer Royal Fling Shot 5
  Bluegrass Summer Pleasant Woodman Arrow's Conquest Bluegrass Summer 3

  Cat Feathers The Grey Express Well Fashioned Cat Feathers 5
2 Take Her Tothe Top Lillehammer Take Her Tothe Top The Grey Express 5
  Kisser N Run Cubist Kisser N Run Well Fashioned 5

  Little Rocket Princess Mara Little Rocket Little Rocket 12
3 Keep Bustin Little Rocket Haldane Princess Mara 5
  Haldane Keep Bustin Keep Bustin Keep Bustin 4

  Star Harbour Schoolyard Dreams Star Harbour Star Harbour 10
4 Majestic Number Take Down Two Blind Hope Schoolyard Dreams 6
  Take Down Two Majestic Number Schoolyard Dreams Majestic Number 3

  Whiskey Romeo Jess Not Jesse Hebert Hall Jess Not Jesse 10
5 Downtownoscarbrown Spiral Stair Jess Not Jesse Hebert Hall 5
  Jess Not Jesse Off the Page Ziptronic Whiskey Romeo 5

  Victory Island Victory Island Quiet Sunshine Victory Island 10
6 Full of Intent Nuffsaid Nuffsaid World Premier Quiet Sunshine 6
  Flashy in Pink Quiet Sunshine Full of Intent Full of Intent 3

  Kingston Bay Enough Already Kingston Bay Kingston Bay 13
7 Mr. O'Leary Pacific Theater Mr. O'Leary Enough Already 5
  United States Won Kingston Bay Mongol Boss Mr. O'Leary 4

  Coal and Ice Golden Annie Long Island Lee Golden Annie 7
8 Believeinfaith Total Talent Golden Annie Coal and Ice 5
  Friends Pro Friends Pro Winekeeper Long Island Lee 5

  Roses for Romney Lady's Lunar Luck Funny Money Funny Money 7
9 Pure Amour Funny Money Pure Amour Lady's Lunar Luck 6
  Lady's Lunar Luck Jerusalem Stone Roses for Romney Roses for Romney 6

  Base Case Scenario We Miss Artie General Jack General Jack 8
10 Tiger Bourbon General Jack We Miss Artie We Miss Artie 7
  General Jack Tiger Bourbon Base Case Scenario Base Case Scenario 6

  Brandys Secret Broken Trust Fund Brandys Secret Brandys Secret 12
11 Sally's Dream Edie Broken Trust Fund Broken Trust Fund 8
  Broken Trust Fund Jean's Surprise Sally's Dream Sally's Dream 3