08/21/2013 9:48AM

Saratoga Picks: August 22, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  291-77(178) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      

  Divine Fortune Martini Brother Demonstrative Demonstrative 7
1 Demonstrative Mr. Hot Stuff Mr. Hot Stuff Martini Brother 6
  Mr. Hot Stuff Italian Wedding Martini Brother Divine Fortune 5

  Foxbeau Crystal Rocket Free Release Foxbeau 9
2 My Jimmy Chew Girl Foxbeau Foxbeau Crystal Rocket 6
  Saratoga Karaoke My Jimmy Chew Girl Crystal Rocket Free Release 5

  Easter Gift Easter Gift Easter Gift Easter Gift 17
3 Csaba Csaba Csaba Csaba 6
  Percussion Percussion Percussion Percussion 3

  Sandcat Polecat Polecat Polecat 12
4 Polecat Whirlin Sandcat Sandcat 7
  Geaux Mets Sugar Gold Speed Read Whirlin 2

  Sam's Buck Native Wave El Season Native Wave 7
5 Horvat Clan Never On Time Native Wave Sam's Buck 6
  Manacor Suilleabhain Sam's Buck El Season 5

  Z Dager Formulaforsuccess Cheyenne Nation Z Dager 8
6 Cheyenne Nation Coach Royal Z Dager Cheyenne Nation 7
  Attractive Ride Z Dager Formulaforsuccess Formulaforsuccess 6

  Super Sky Best Friends Super Sky Super Sky 10
7 Sumba Sunset Sumba Sunset Sumba Sunset Sumba Sunset 6
  Reign Sky Painter Reign Best Friends 5

  Skyfall Puzzling With Sugar On Top Puzzling 8
8 Moonwalk Moonwalk Puzzling Skyfall 5
  Puzzling Mariel N Kathy Floral Romance With Sugar On Top 5

  Notmyfirstime Wee Freudian Isn'tlovejustgrand Wee Freudian 9
9 Wee Freudian Ziptronic Ziptronic Isn'tlovejustgrand 7
  Quick Money Notmyfirstime Quick Money Notmyfirstime 6