08/20/2013 1:01PM

Saratoga Picks August 21, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  284-76(175) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      

  Sleek Isabelle Isabelle Isabelle 10
1 Court Dancer Margaret Ownzit Margaret Ownzit Sleek 5
  Possetivevibration Thatza Wrap Thatza Wrap Margaret Ownzit 4

  Tanglewood Tale Queen Mercury Quiet Sunshine Tanglewood Tale 9
2 Belle Gallantey Tanglewood Tale Tanglewood Tale Quiet Sunshine 7
  So Blessed Belle Gallantey Queen Mercury Queen Mercury 6

  Regal Joanne Imanindianoutlaw Dust Em Mick Imanindianoutlaw 7
3 Saropia Red Code Saropia Regal Joanne 6
  Imanindianoutlaw Regal Joanne Imanindianoutlaw Dust Em Mick 5

  Winning Cause Miceli Hamp Winning Cause 7
4 Sayaad One More Cat Sayaad Hamp 5
  One More Cat Winning Cause Winning Cause Miceli 5

  Tuvia's Force Tuvia's Force Point Taken Tuvia's Force 12
5 Itsagoodtendollars Point Taken Tuvia's Force Point Taken 8
  Point Taken Giant Indian Dan and Sheila Itsagoodtendollars 2

  I'm Smokin Hot With Diamonds I'm Smokin Hot I'm Smokin Hot 10
6 With Diamonds Lara Fly Solo With Diamonds 8
  Lara Fly Solo With Diamonds Fly Solo 3

  Apex Cowboy Prince Easement Cowboy Prince 7
7 Let's Have Us One Political Farce Cowboy Prince Apex 6
  Easement Let's Have Us One Apex Easement 6

  Zindaya Best Friends Zindaya Zindaya 12
8 Ruslana Zindaya Ruslana Best Friends 7
  Super Sky Ruslana Morethanawarning Ruslana 5

  Amberjack Escapefromreality Amberjack Amberjack 14
9 Go Get the Basil Amberjack Smooth Bert Escapefromreality 7
  Escapefromreality Smooth Bert Escapefromreality Smooth Bert 3

  Cielo Soleggiato Southern Match Rakete Rakete 7
10 Rakete Disaster Relief Horse Latitudes Southern Match 6
  Southern Match Fiddlers Chico Fiddlers Chico Cielo Soleggiato 5