08/13/2013 9:49AM

Saratoga Picks August 14, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  221-59(133) Kenny Peck Mike Beer      

  Isn'tshewonderfull Soul Opposition Rosie's Song Rosie's Song 10
1 Soul Opposition Rosie's Song Soul Opposition Soul Opposition 9
  Rosie's Song Prize Taker Isn'tshewonderfull Isn'tshewonderfull 6

  Ainteasybeinggreen Pepi's Find Carolinian Carolinian 8
2 Hard Rumor Carolinian Hard Rumor Ainteasybeinggreen 6
  Carolinian Ainteasybeinggreen Stalagmite Pepi's Find 5

  Mr. Style Velocci Navajo Ca Lo Mr. Style 9
3 Navajo Ca Lo Mr. Style Mr. Style Navajo Ca Lo 7
  Blockade Runner El Dreamer Velocci Velocci 6

  Asiya Chance Encounter Asiya Asiya 13
4 Here's Zealicious Momentary Magic Momentary Magic Chance Encounter 7
  Chance Encounter Asiya Chance Encounter Momentary Magic 4

  J. Quirk J. Quirk J. Quirk J. Quirk 15
5 Delightful Liz Mallory Street Cynical Storm Delightful Liz 4
  Cynical Storm Delightful Liz Delightful Liz Cynical Storm 3

  Saint Vigeur Winning Cause Balance the Books Balance the Books 7
6 Balance the Books Java's War Hardest Core Saint Vigeur 5
  I'll Call Mills Mills Winning Cause 5

  Sabouli Starship Gambler Holiday's Jewel Holiday's Jewel 9
7 Holiday's Jewel Holiday's Jewel La Strada Sabouli 5
  La Strada Lemon Song Viva Allegiance Starship Gambler 5

  Great Mills Tripski Hogy Tripski 7
8 Varsity Varsity Strong Impact Great Mills 6
  Strong Impact Hogy Great Mills Hogy 6

  Horned Frog North Ocean Horned Frog Horned Frog 11
9 Nevada Thunder Quay Street Fight North Ocean 5
  Thunder Quay Horned Frog Nevada Nevada 3

  Myperfectvalentine Your Lion Eyes Myperfectvalentine Myperfectvalentine 10
10 Tizallheart Locks of Gold Lakeview Lady Your Lion Eyes 5
  Lakeview Lady Brickhouse Baby Tizallheart Lakeview Lady 3