07/31/2013 10:01AM

Saratoga Picks: August 1, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

103-30(59)Kenny PeckPete Shewchuk

Bluegrass SummerBluegrass SummerBluegrass SummerBluegrass Summer15
1All TogetherRoyal Fling ShotNetwork NewsRoyal Fling Shot3
Albany RoadStaying OnRoyal Fling ShotAll Together2

Divine FortuneDivine FortuneHunt BallDivine Fortune11
2DemonstrativeHunt BallDemonstrativeHunt Ball7
Spy in the SkySpy in the SkyDivine FortuneDemonstrative4

ApexDeadicated DealLet's Have Us OneApex8
3Political FarceLet's Have Us OneApexLet's Have Us One7
Perfect DangerApexPerfect DangerDeadicated Deal5

Native SingerOne More ChiefBernardoNative Singer8
4ThnxtomyuncleNative SingerEscape to the MoonBernardo5
Escape to the MoonThnxtomyuncleNative SingerOne More Chief5

Rapid BurnRapid BurnRapid BurnRapid Burn15
5Smart PowerMr. StyleBuckwheatHorse Latitudes2
TapulousHorse LatitudesHorse LatitudesBuckwheat2

Saratoga SnacksNight ManeuverSaginawSaratoga Snacks7
6SaginawMine Over MatterMine Over MatterSaginaw7
Mine Over MatterSaratoga SnacksSaratoga SnacksNight Maneuver5

ItsagoodtendollarsTormentVindication NowTorment6
7Liquidity TrapLiquidity TrapLiquidity TrapVindication Now6
Vindication NowWayward SailorTormentLiquidity Trap6

Fiddlers AfleetWild TargetAttractive RideWild Target8
8Attractive RideSam SparkleWild TargetFiddlers Afleet8
Wild TargetFiddlers AfleetSam SparkleAttractive Ride7

Roman InvaderRun a RiskRock my HeartRock my Heart9
9Scenario AnalysisRock my HeartRun a RiskRun a Risk7
Free as a BirdGeisha GalScenario AnalysisRoman Invader5

Little Gabby GirlFrosty But FunkyCrescent ShoreLittle Gabby Girl6
10MidnightinpositanoMidnightinpositanoYankeeindixielandCrescent Shore5
Crafty PushLittle Gabby GirlCrafty PushFrosty But Funky5

Jess Not JesseJess Not JesseValedictionJess Not Jesse14
11Awakino CatBeer Is GoodJess Not JesseValediction5
Reserved QualityYield BogeyAwakino CatAwakino Cat3