08/16/2013 9:45AM

Saratoga: Pick 3 Key's, B's and C's for Saturday, August 17


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Race 6

Key's - Iron Power, Stoneless

B's - Countknickerbocker, Lord of Love, Dark Roast

C's - None

Think the July 29th heat which produces several of these will prove key, and especially want the two that had significant trouble in there – IRON POWER and STONELESS.

Race 7

Key's - Liquidity Trap, Wind of Bosphorus, Gold Megillah

B's - Lawyer Jim, Vinnygoodtimes

C's - None

Appears to be plenty of speed on paper, so hoping the Key's can capitalize, especially LIQUIDITY TRAP, who was badly compromised behind a walking pace last time.

Race 8

Key's - Ampersand, Royal Blessing

B's - Master Wesly

C's - None

Think NOW AND THEN will be overbet in this spot, which makes this an interesting race to play through, and would be happy to get alive to (and through) AMPERSAND and ROYAL BLESSING, who may simply be the two best horses in here. 

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