08/19/2013 4:20PM

Saratoga: Orb looking revitalized for Travers

Barbara D. Livingston
Orb, with Jennifer Patterson riding, works a half-mile over the Oklahoma training track on Monday in preparation for his Travers start.

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – When Orb gave trainer Shug McGaughey his first Kentucky Derby victory in May, it was viewed as a victory for the old school.

After disappointing efforts by Orb in the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, however, the 62-year-old McGaughey decided to take a new approach in hopes of having Orb prepared to rebound in the latter part of the year.

From June 9 – the day after Orb finished third in the Belmont Stakes – until Aug. 11, Orb was based at the Fair Hill training center in northeastern Maryland It was a place McGaughey himself had never been to before and one to which he had previously sent just one horse.

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Being stabled at Fair Hill afforded Orb the chance to train in a bucolic atmosphere – similar to Payson Park, where Orb wintered – while taking advantage of such therapeutic facilities as a hyperbaric chamber and a cold water spa.

McGaughey will find out Saturday how well this move worked when Orb returns to the races in the $1 million Travers Stakes, where he will face Belmont Stakes and Jim Dandy winner Palace Malice and Wood Memorial and Haskell Invitational winner Verrazano, among others, in this historic track’s annual marquee event.

“This is all completely new to me,” McGaughey said Sunday morning. “Why I would want to take on the burden of this, I don’t know, but I’m excited about it. But I’m putting my head on the chopping block, too. If we do it and it doesn’t work or it blows up in my face . . . that could happen. I just thought the atmosphere down there and the facilities that were available could work for us.”

When McGaughey looks at Orb now, he believes Fair Hill has done wonders for the colt owned by Stuart Janney III and the Phipps family.

“I see a lot more horse. I see a sparkle in his eye that just came back,” McGaughey said.

McGaughey said he first began thinking about Fair Hill the week of the Belmont Stakes. After a long Triple Crown campaign, McGaughey wanted to get Orb away from the racetrack. He thought about Saratoga, but more and more horses are stabled here in the off-season, making for a busy Oklahoma training track.

After discussing the idea with his owners, his help, and Bruce Jackson, the former trainer who now runs Fair Hill, McGaughey decided to give the training center a try. It was supposed to be for only two weeks. It turned out to be two months.

For the first two weeks, Orb simply walked the shed and made four visits to the hyperbaric chamber, which delivers increased oxygen into a horse’s bloodstream and helps horses recover from hard races, hard workouts, flesh wounds, and respiratory issues.

“I said he’s not a bleeder and he doesn’t have anything the matter with him that I know of,” McGaughey said he told Jackson.

The cold water spa treatment helps in reducing any inflammation in the legs and accelerates the body’s natural healing process.

In addition to the therapy, Orb could get turned out in a paddock, roll in a round pen, and graze, which he did twice a day.

When he was planning to bring Orb back to Belmont Park in late June, McGaughey said he called Jackson to consult with him.

“I said Bruce ‘What are we going to do now?’ ” McGaughey said. “He said ‘Shug, this horse is doing awfully good here. I’d be a little hesitant about moving him.”

McGaughey’s assistant, Jennifer Patterson, Orb’s regular exercise rider, went to Fair Hill to check on Orb and agreed with Jackson’s assessment.

“He did look better. You could see he was happier,” Patterson said. “I told Shug if we’re not running until the Travers – and I could see he was relaxed there – why move him out of here so quickly?”

Soon, Fair Hill became a safe haven for other McGaughey-trained horses. His stable size eventually grew to 11. Recently, the Phippses and Janney made a deal to buy a barn at Fair Hill, and McGaughey will have horses there except in the winter.

“When I did see it, I knew we were in the right spot,” McGaughey said.

Patterson, who injured her back and ankle in a fall at Belmont a week before the Belmont Stakes, began getting on Orb toward the end of June. She galloped him daily and worked him six times at Fair Hill. When the weather made the dirt track bad, Orb trained over the Tapeta surface inside the dirt course.

“Each week, you could see him slowly put on weight. He was getting stronger,” Patterson said. “I have to say these last two weeks I felt him galloping more the way he was before the Derby. It took him a while to get over all that physically and everything.”

As McGaughey saw Orb progress, it helped him make another decision – skip a prep like the Jim Dandy or Haskell and train Orb to the Travers.

“People ask why didn’t you run him? Because I thought he was going forward all the time and I didn’t want to take a step backwards,” said McGaughey, who has won the Travers three times, the last being in 1998 with Coronado’s Quest. “I want to come with a loaded gun. I didn’t think I’d have any problem getting him fit enough, and I think he’ll be sharp enough.”

On Monday, Orb had his final workout for the Travers, a half-mile move in 47.66 seconds over the Oklahoma training track. He went equal quarters of 23.83 and galloped out five furlongs in 1:01.14.

“His stride, when he’s right, is so big, and he does things so easily he always fools me with his times,” Patterson said. “When he’s right, I just feel like we’re galloping around there, and I had that feeling again this morning, which is really nice.”

Orb was favored in all three Triple Crown races. He is likely to relinquish that role to either Palace Malice or Verrazano, both of whom have won their last two starts after getting beaten by Orb in the Kentucky Derby. With those three horses in addition to Dwyer winner Moreno and Jim Dandy runner-up Will Take Charge, this is shaping up as one of the toughest Travers in recent memory.

“That’s okay. That’s the way they’re supposed to come up,” McGaughey said. “We think we’ll be tough, too.”

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Thomas Cook More than 1 year ago
I just read through public database the drugs administered to horses in the three days leading up to Belmont. My travels between Fair Hill, Saratoga, Sales venues, and home can be quite hectic. Folks may find it interesting that Shug and Tony Dutrow were the only two who didn't load thirty horses in that time span with "legal" medications. So the fact that he sent Orb to Fair Hill to clinically rehab a way a tired horse should speaks volumes to Shug's class,integrity,and sportsmanship. Had I never met him or his competitors, that alone pits me in ORB'S corner. Wish you and your barn, the Phipps and Janneys all the best. True old school class coupled with modern thinking...for the horse.
charles b More than 1 year ago
Fellows.........................It seems that most of you made valid statements concerning many of the entrants. The problem as I see it, is that at the odds, nobody is a "gift." In the Derby I played two horses. I had ORB at 5-1. I thought a fair price. In the Preakness I played two horses including OXBOW at a big overlay price. In the Belmont I played the first and second finishers at overlaid odds. If we are talking about ORB, PALICE MALICE and VERRANZANO, the odds in all probability will not be sufficient to give you enough of an edge. This to me is not a betting race unless you get 6-1 or better on one of the three. Let's not forget there are one or two others that could sneak in.
Micahdog More than 1 year ago
This Travers is going to be a GREAT race. I mostly focus on just long turf stake races but going to jump in for small wager throwing out Orb and Verranzo and Exacta Box Palice Malice and Will Take Charge. If I fail it's back to high end turf races forever. Good luck to all no matter what your choices :-)
saratogajunkie More than 1 year ago
That was a great bet.....in the Jim Dandy
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Mark More than 1 year ago
Moreno will be pace presence early only. He will spit it at top of stretch. Heis over the top off the Jim dandy. Thousand races no break vs this Travers field. O.T.B.. Off the board
Matthew Ellis More than 1 year ago
Probably but must respect him for competing and love that he is willing to be involved with the pace. Otherwise TAP would send one or both walk around the track and everyone else would try at the 1/8 th pole when race is over. Brings a Legitimate Pace and he is a contender
Mark More than 1 year ago
He's game for sure but last race was killer on him IMO. And he isn't a speed ball so pace will be honest but not severe. and knowing he will spit it coming in no need to worry about him shaking loose.
Thomas Nicholson More than 1 year ago
Just saw PM workout for Traver's. It was very very impressive. Very easy and very powerful, looked like he could go around again, again. I like Orb in the race but my eyes are telling me PM. Gonna be a GREAT race and a fun day. It's Tuesday and I can't wait. Orb will be the 3Rd choice at 3 or 4 to one. Why would ORB's people be buying a barn down there if it didn't work!!!!!!! ORB TO WIN, $14,20 X what ever you bet , like stealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Scheider More than 1 year ago
Before I talk about horse racing, is anyone else appalled that DRF cuts articles down to 3 short paragraphs and tells you that the rest is "DRF Plus" material? DRF, I strongly recommend that you cease and desist on this project before you tick customers off with trying to charge for air. Equibase sells Racing Forms and offers a great deal on 3 cards for the price of 2. You are not the only show in town. Save your customers while you can.
Matthew Ellis More than 1 year ago
Good and Valid points Was a member but didn't see much to it and sure did not add any winners or info
Micahdog More than 1 year ago
And..........DRF needs to scale back the pop up marketing stuff. Desperate measures by marketeers that don't have clue and know how to listen to the customers. Another group that preaches customer service but doesn't practice same. And I didn't mention the useless 'packages' at Derby and BC time. Despite all that I still love DRF but they show a tendency to repeatedly step on their own gentalia.
Albert More than 1 year ago
As Hermis used to write in the old Morning Telegraph, Orb is fresh, fit, dangerous. He also has by far the biggest number of this field at a route.
Mark Scheider More than 1 year ago
He has the biggest number if all you look at is beyers. More importantly to me, Verrazano has the SMALLEST numbers on the Sheets which actually dictate to something.
steve szymanski More than 1 year ago
Verrazano has run in ALL slow paced races. The one trime he got pushed.... He LOLOLOL. Expect more of the same come Travers DAY. THIS is a 100% GUARANTEE.
Michael Castellano More than 1 year ago
Bet the freshest horse that has the ability. The Travers is totally different that the Derby, which seems to use up horses for the rest of the season, minimally. Verranzano may be that horse, having gotten plenty of rest and only running once since the Derby. Check out the pp's on the other fresher horses too. Getting zip code winners in this race is not unusual. More than the distance is how hard they will have to use a horse to win. This one screams for an out of the clouds winner that pays box cars if Verranzano falters. As Bob once sung, "The slow one now will later be fast . . ."
Richard Berry More than 1 year ago
verr has ran twice sence the derby