07/18/2013 10:32AM

Saratoga Opening Day Picks July 19, 2013


DRF Plus Preview

Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

  Dave Litfin  0-0(0) Kenny Peck Mike Beer CONSENSUS  

  Hardest Core Minister Colin Cheyenne Nation Hardest Core 7
1 I'll Call Money in Motion Hardest Core Minister Colin 6
  Minister Colin Wayward Sailor Royal Blessing Cheyenne Nation 5

  Volcano Run Short Shrift Volcano Run Volcano Run 10
2 Nineinthenine Silent Pipe Yankee Fourtune Short Shrift 5
  Unaccountable Nineinthenine Unaccountable Nineinthenine 3

  Our Amazing Rose Stopchargingmaria Stopchargingmaria Stopchargingmaria 12
3 Stopchargingmaria Art of the Game Our Amazing Rose Our Amazing Rose 8
  Ireland Our Amazing Rose Predicate Art of the Game 2

  Hessonite Hessonite Hessonite Hessonite 17
4 Shakeira Shakeira Shakeira Shakeira 6
  Inimitable Romanee Dreaming of Cara Dreaming of Cara Dreaming of Cara 2

  Irish Sweepstakes Aspree Irish Sweepstakes Irish Sweepstakes 12
5 Talk to Me Irish Sweepstakes Michonne Aspree 5
  Michonne Michonne Flying K C Michonne 4

  Neck of the Moon Invading Humor Fantastic Eyes Fantastic Eyes 9
6 Invading Humor Fantastic Eyes Irish Whisper Invading Humor 7
  Heading to Toga Neck of the Moon My Uptown Gal Neck of the Moon 6

  Strike One Coin Flip Titletown Five Coin Flip 7
7 Coin Flip Tenango Indy's Illusion Titletown Five 6
  Googleado Titletown Five New Line Strike One 5

  Sage Valley Sage Valley Souper Speedy Sage Valley 10
8 Souper Speedy Souper Speedy Strapping Groom Souper Speedy 9
  Hello Lover Strapping Groom Laurie's Rocket Strapping Groom 3

  Brazen Persuasion Bahnah Bahnah Bahnah 14
9 Bahnah Yes Liz Yes Liz Brazen Persuasion 5
  Yes Liz Jonesin for Jerry True Blue Nation Yes Liz 5

  Hudson Miracle A Better Tomorrow Sunnysider Hudson Miracle 8
10 A Better Tomorrow Mister Dooley Hudson Miracle A Better Tomorrow 7
  Sunbio Hudson Miracle Sunbio Sunnysider 5