11/09/2012 5:03PM

Santa Anita: Verge out as track's chief executive


Mark Verge’s tenure as chief executive officer for Santa Anita Park has ended, according to two California officials with knowledge of the situation.

Staff members at Santa Anita were informed of Verge’s departure at a meeting at the track Thursday, the officials said. Verge, a horse owner who operates more than a dozen businesses in the Los Angeles area, was hired last March by Frank Stronach to concentrate on marketing efforts at the racetrack, vowing to increase ontrack handle and attendance. Stronach is the owner of the Stronach Group, the private company that owns Santa Anita and many other racing properties.

“He was always about marketing, and he was a very positive guy,” one official said Friday, referring to Verge and speaking on condition of anonymity because the move had not been announced by Santa Anita. “I got along with him.”

Verge, who is good friends with trainer Doug O’Neill, did not return a message left on his cell phone. Officials of the Stronach Group also did not return phone calls.

The departure of Verge has led to speculation that the Stronach Group might bring aboard Gene Simmons, the bassist for the rock group Kiss, to perform marketing functions at the company’s tracks, the officials said. A company affiliated with Simmons helped market an energy drink launched by Stronach and his son, Andrew. The drink failed as a commercial enterprise.

In an interview just after he was hired, Verge said that he had a “passion” for horse racing and that he intended to drum up publicity for the sport. Although he was later given the title of chief executive, operational duties remained the responsibility of the track’s longtime general manager, George Haines.

During Santa Anita’s recently completed meet, which featured the two Breeders’ Cup championship programs, ontrack handle and attendance declined approximately 5 percent compared with the 2011 meeting, excluding the figures for the two Breeders’ Cup cards, officials said. All-sources handle was up approximately 5 percent, excluding the Breeders’ Cup cards, according to the track.

Don Reed More than 1 year ago
After he was tossed out, he bounced back up off the ground & came back to the door: "I had a HAT, you know!"
Hal d More than 1 year ago
Stronach has ruin racing for santa anita race track!!! He claims bankruptcy for millions of dollars.....and still allowed to disrupt other race tracks....Get out of the business!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED!!!!!!!!!!
Barry Bashert More than 1 year ago
I'm not talking about Trevor either. I'm referring to the bad news wanna be bloodstock agent.
Barry Bashert More than 1 year ago
Verge is out. I hope the voice of SA goes along with him!
Ed Gredvig More than 1 year ago
When you come to the conclusion that Hollywood Park might be better run than Santa Anita it's got to make you very sad. I like Mark Verge as a person and i have no doubt he did everything he could to turn the business around. But, like the Titanic you don't turn big ships on a dime. Race tracks are going to go the way of drive in movies if the don't change their model. I have never been to Gulfstream, but they seem to have traded big days for a smaller more consistent attendence that offers a vararity of chocies to do at the track. Santa Anita has and only offers a venue for betting horses and dining. And the dining has become more popular than the betting (i.e.Frontrunner Restaurant) Would slots help? Maybe in the short run, but the Indian Tribes own the slots and I can never see it happening. Would a hotel & convention center on the grounds with connected shopping and movie theaters help? I think so. For Santa Anita to survive, for horse racing to survive they need to become a piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture. Those days are over. May the next CEO be the best CEO. We acn only hope.
eddyt More than 1 year ago
Finally, some sanity from the Stronach management!! Verge and the cronies he brought with him who did virtually nothing..G O N E !! Yea!!!!!