10/11/2013 2:21PM

Santa Anita: Tyler Baze takes step toward return

Benoit & Associates
Tyler Baze has completed treatment and is exercising horses in Washington.

ARCADIA, Calif. – Jockey Tyler Baze, who has not ridden since June 13, completed a 60-day residency stay at a Southern California alcohol treatment center earlier this week and has traveled to Washington state to exercise horses for an intended comeback, according to his agent, Craig O’Bryan.

Baze completed the required treatment on Tuesday and will spend the next week at the Pegasus Training Center in Washington, O’Bryan said. The jockey is scheduled to have a fitness hearing with Santa Anita stewards Scott Chaney, Kim Sawyer, and Tom Ward on Oct. 19 in an effort to resume riding. Baze turns 31 on Oct. 19.

O’Bryan said Baze exercised three horses on Thursday and was planning to get on six or seven Friday.

Baze was suspended for 120 days in July for failing a sobriety test at Betfair Hollywood Park in June. The suspension, made retroactive to June 13, ended on Thursday. As part of the suspension, Baze was required to complete 60 days of counseling and attend a fitness hearing.

Baze was tied for first in the jockey standings at Hollywood Park at the time of his suspension.

Baze has been sanctioned for alcohol use twice in the last three years. The June failed test was a violation of a conditional license issued in September 2012 after Baze had missed more than a year of riding for failing to take a Breathalyzer test at Del Mar in September 2011.

Cover2 More than 1 year ago
P Val also took a lot of steps forward.......Garrett Gomez, now takes up the slack for a current rider......always have one in rehab and one coming......that's CA racing PZ --Yes, If cleared , must attend AA meetings, then like the rest, meet after at a local bar................................................................................4 Shirley temples
Earl Rhodes More than 1 year ago
To Paul Zimmerman addiction is a life long struggle ,and what a jock goes threw to make weight and a living takes it tole , once they get there life together why not another chance life is about over coming your struggles , and second chances Be Loving
Paul Zimmerman More than 1 year ago
I don't understand how these habitual offenders come back at these top tracks and still get mounts. Tyler, Garret, P Val. Why do these trainer continue to give them a shot? There are so many good jockeys ready to take their place. Let them work their way up from say Turfway or other lower rung tracks for a year before they are able to return to the big circuits..
Walter More than 1 year ago
So the folks at tracks like Turfway are subjected to deal with the addiction of SoCal jocks? That is ridiculous. Why would they deserve that?
TEDK215 More than 1 year ago
I have faith Tyler will never fall off the wagon again, ever. not at Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years eve, no way! hes done, right Tyler?
Goldhybrid More than 1 year ago
They can send a man to the moon but they can't come out with a legal drug with no persistent side effects.
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Hey Steven Crist... Flag this crap. Pleeeze.
Goldhybrid More than 1 year ago
Right. This stuff is getting out of hand. One is too many anyway.
Ron Solberg More than 1 year ago
musical jockeys,gomez and tyler baze.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
They are people.
Kram Hslew More than 1 year ago
We need to send the State Stewards to ALANON Meetings so they can learn how to deal with alcoholics. What a joke.
nick More than 1 year ago
Why go they keep coddling people? Riding thoroughbreds is a privilege, not a right. He failed a test while on a CONDITIONAL license, made necessarily conditional because he failed to take a test at Del Mar. He therefore has now had two serious infractions of the rules in two years, that should be enough. Show him the door. See of he can make a high six-figure income as a carpenter, or a Wal-Mart greeter. P.S. Would anyone want to ride a race with him in it, not knowing whether or not he is higher than a kite?
mikey More than 1 year ago
Tell this to Greg he think's they owe him another chance and another.
Vince More than 1 year ago
you would know because they breathalyze before riding....a free market solution would be if trainers and owners stopped using him he doesn't work rather than the discarding of people solution from all the tough guys who led perfect lives and post here
nick More than 1 year ago
No, Mr. Holier than thou, Noone is perfect. By my former job had mandatory drug and alcohol testing, and if we tested positive once we HAD to go thru rehab. If we tested positive a second time, we were out the door. People do.deserve a second chance, but when you can't even finish your second chance before you screw up again, then no, you don't deserve anything else.
nick More than 1 year ago
It would be a little different if he had finished his probationary period and had a few clean years under his belt before falling back off the wagon, but he couldn't even finish his conditional period. This might indicate someone who either a) can't stay clean, or b) has no desire to stay clean. In either case they don't deserve to ride horses. If he can stay verifiably clean for 4 or 5 years, then let him reapply for a license. Until then, as I stated earlier, being a jockey is a privilege, not a right, and he has lost that right, in my opinion.
Mortimer Post More than 1 year ago
Ah yes, the 'ol "privilege not a right" mantra that the gov't. and its sheeple always spew about driving. I don't give a snapped sesamoid what a jockey drinks, smokes, snorts, shoots, pops, sniffs or inhales as long as he wins and treats his mounts well!
nick More than 1 year ago
So if he shoots for a hole that is either a) closing to quick for his impaired senses to comprehend, or b) only apparent in his impaired state of mind, and clips heels with the horse in front of him causing his mount to go down and taking the three horses behind him down as well, that's ok? Maybe you'd think differently if you'd ever fallen off a horse while travelling 35 miles per hour, and then had 1200 pounds of horse fall on top of you. I guarantee you that you would probably drink some of the tea stuff you're spouting, 'cause it is all that you could fit through the straw you would need to eat with.
Arnold Baxter More than 1 year ago
geez. a lousy drink or 2 is okay. sometimes it really helps ease the pain and hurt.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Problem is, two drinks isn't enough. After the first sip alcoholics can't stop until they are falling down drunk. Sadly, Tyler is an alcoholic!