12/20/2012 10:43AM

Santa Anita races to be shown on TVG


The Santa Anita winter-spring meeting that begins on Dec. 26 will be shown on TVG, the racing network announced on Wednesday.

It will be the first time that TVG has shown the races from the winter-spring meeting. Earlier this year, the California Horse Racing Board urged TVG and its rival network, HRTV, to share exclusive signals of California racetracks. The reciprocal agreement was a term of the license for the Santa Anita winter-spring meeting that was approved by the racing board in October.

HRTV, owned by the Stronach Group, the parent company of Santa Anita, had previously held exclusive television rights to the Santa Anita winter-spring meeting.

As a result of the reciprocal sharing of signals, Golden Gate Fields, which is owned by Stronach Group, was shown for the first time on TVG earlier this year. Hollywood Park, closely allied with TVG since the network’s formation in the late 1990s, was shown on HRTV during the fall meeting that ended last Sunday.

Wider distribution of television signals is seen by racing officials as a boost to generating greater interest in the sport. TVG said in a statement on Wednesday that it plans to present Santa Anita races on programs that it simulcasts on the regional Fox Sports networks in parts of the country.

Moon Strata More than 1 year ago
Thank god TVG is showing SA races. Those analysts on HRTV are terribly boring. Some of them know what they are talking about but as a group they are about as exciting as watching paint dry. The crew at TVG is entertaining and bring a little fun to the game.
gonzo More than 1 year ago
the worst thing about tvg to me is they do not show th breeding info during the post parade. this basic info that should always be included. i'll stick with hrtv until they figure it out.
Big Jeff More than 1 year ago
It's about time. No one in So. Cal is going to change sattelite providers to get HRTV. I agree that TVG has horrible commentaters( I usually mute them.
Phyllis More than 1 year ago
Well I dislike HRTV and their commentator big time. I am really glad to be getting TVG for SA. Too bad thy won't have OP this year. Big mistake on OP part as HRTV gives short shift to tracks not owed by Stronch or Churchhill.
Moon Strata More than 1 year ago
I agree Phyllis....can't stand those commentators on HRTV. Years ago OP was on TVG and rec'd much better coverage than they do from HRTV.
miami_johnny More than 1 year ago
Can we get GP on TVG?
mikey More than 1 year ago
Thank god we are not stuck with TVG and the clown's and the broken down catcher.HRTV is 100 time's better and into the race's.I would love to see a contest foe the meet.HRTV AGAINST TVG I think HRTV would be odds on to win.Most of the TVG crew have no clue what's going on.They look for girl's in the crowd and the race's are a side game.TOD, RICH THE PAULIE MAN AND SIMON WHO WAS SO GOOD HE HAD TO GIVE UP TRAINNING TO EAT, ARE BAD.LET'S NOT FORGET THE HEAD CASE MATT.
Happy Harriet More than 1 year ago
HRTV is head and shoulders better than TVG, in my opinion. However, in SoCal, some or all of the cable provider(s) do not offer HRTV but only TVG, so in the past, if you wanted to see Santa Anita racing in SoCal on HRTV, you had to STREAM IT on your COMPUTER - a pain in the neck! Now at least those of us in SoCal who are not going to Santa Anita on any given race day can Tivo or DVR the racing on TVG via cable providers and at least see the races in a more appealing format.
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Will TVG also be taking OP this year?
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Will TVG also be taking OP this year? They have not said anything about it, as they usually hype their meet. Especially since the new announcer "Frank Chalky Marimadi" is calling the races. Just kidding, anyone who does not love Frank is must not love the gave.