10/12/2012 5:25PM

Santa Anita: Race declared no-contest after loose horse runs toward rest of field

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With an outrider in pursuit and the field coming off the turn, a riderless Spinning Love heads the wrong way up the Santa Anita stretch, disrupting the race to the extent stewards declared it no contest.

ARCADIA, Calif. - The second race at Santa Anita on Friday was declared a no-contest after one of the runners unseated his jockey at the start of a six-furlong race, reversed direction and ran toward the oncoming field in the stretch, causing the remaining riders to briefly stop riding. Stewards Scott Chaney, Kim Sawyer and Tom Ward reviewed the race before declaring that the race was a no-contest.

The incident began when Spinning Love ducked to the inside shortly after the start and unseated jockey Alonso Quinonez. Spinning Love collided with a temporary rail and began running clockwise on the racetrack around the first turn, instead of down the backstretch.

An outrider positioned near the gate tried to grab the reins on Spinning Love, but missed. Spinning Love continued running clockwise around the first turn and had turned into the stretch when track announcer Trevor Denman, acting on orders from the stewards, told the remaining riders to pull up their mounts. At the time, the other five horses were midway on the turn.

Spinning Love ran on the inside of the track when he entered the stretch but was guided to the outside of the track by a second outrider. As a result, Spinning Love was far wide of the five runners when he ran past the rest of the field in the stretch.

No jockeys or riders were injured in the incident. Quinonez rose on his own power on the track and was taken to first aid for a precautionary examination.

As a result of the incident, bets were refunded in the win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta pools, as well as the daily double pool that began in the second race. A total of $267,507 in wagers was refunded.

The daily double that began in the first race, which was won by Inner Grove ($6.80), was paid off on the combination of 4-all, returning $6.20.

Multi-race wagers that began in the first or second race such as the pick three, pick five and pick-all were considered valid with the second race classified as an "all" result.

The $1 pick three ending in the third race paid $8.60 on the combination of 4-all-7.

Friday’s race was the first race to be voided since the third race on March 3 of this year when the starting gate failed to open simultaneously in a seven-runner race on the hillside turf course.

Ponies Payme More than 1 year ago
That happened to me about 5 years ago at Delaware park in the last race (Arabians) The horse in question made it through the first turn after losing his jockey and then turned around and was coming the wrong way through the stretch. It certainly is wierd when you are watching a race (no one really listens to the announcer anyway if they are seasoned bettors) and hear the same thing over and over..... Pull up your mounts! Pull up your mounts!... There is a loose horse.
Ken Wiener More than 1 year ago
Umbelievable that Trevor Denman did not notice and mention that a rider was off his horse at the start of this race!
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
I did notice that the temp rail went down and wondered what happened. How in the heck did Spinning Love get in front of the riders? I never noticed him pass so I assume he want onto the turf when the rail came down? I guess no one watching on computer or TV monitor noticed the outriders chasing down the loose horse. I hope both jockey and Spinning Love are OK. Colliding with a temp rail can cause injuries for the horse. Hope he gets a good check up. I feel badly for the track as they lost the money from wagers. I assume that the purse money may be kept by the track if a no contest is called. Anyone with legal experience would like to comment? Interesting situation regarding purse money etc.
samuel gontz More than 1 year ago
trevor ....theres a reason they like him....i"m sorry to say but the guy bugs me sometimes...and its one of the reasons i love it when the meet ends and goes to hollywood park..for christsake the guys even calling the frikken pomona fair?give somebody new a chance why don"t they?and the breeders cup?like i say theres a reason...give someone else a chance to call "em and make some money.i"m sorry but the guy puts me to sleep half the time.i just tune him out,especially if i"m trackside.it"s all BS ...sometimes i wonder?
B More than 1 year ago
Denman didn't even seem to see what happened in the beginning and never once noticed that there was a horse missing during his entire call. I can never figure out why he gets such praise. I so wish he'd be replaced for the BC races.
William Waters More than 1 year ago
To quote Mark Twain: "There's no accounting for some people's taste." With all due respect, Denman is a national treasure.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
What nation?
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
I don't like the guy's style either, it's all about him. But in fairness, these announcers are focused through their field glasses and peripheral is very limited. The best announcer ever is no longer at Keeneland. Never missed a call!
M J More than 1 year ago
You can't figure it out? Come on now. He's the best there is. Certainly the best caller in anticipating what's about to happen in the race. Some of these comments merely reiterate the point that you can't please everyone.
John Stevelberg More than 1 year ago
Imagine the refunds if it happens in a BC race !
Jade Sword More than 1 year ago
Spinning Love loves a spin.
Joyce Johnson Groome More than 1 year ago
Must have been crazy to see that race in person! Seeing it from a totally different point of view! Not the same on a tv monitor!
Paul Ferg More than 1 year ago
it was actually Edwin Maldonado who kept looking back for the riderless horse and when he didn't see it, alerted the others of the imminent danger.....Denman said in his call that the riders were looking over their left shoulders lookin for room, but obviously that wasn't the reason......and who say's they are pinheads.....
Paul Ferg More than 1 year ago
give the riders credit. They sensed something was amiss because as you watch the replay you can see a couple of them chatting at each other and one even makes a motion with his arm as if to say"that horse is going to be coming at us"....funny though that Trevor never picked up on this.....he's usually pretty astute.....