02/22/2013 7:03PM

Santa Anita pick six hit with unusual ticket


ARCADIA, Calif. - A winning pick six ticket worth $125,783 at Santa Anita on Thursday was purchased for $3,960 and used all of the runners in the last two races, according to documents provided by the California Horse Racing Board.

The ticket was one of four winning tickets on a day when interest was heightened by a carryover of $113,777 from the Monday, Feb. 18 program.

Bettors added $719,486 on Thursday.

The $3,960 winning ticket used a format of 1x3x3x2xALLxALL, the racing board stated. There were 10 starters in the fifth leg, the seventh race, and 11 runners in the eighth race.

Using all of the runners in the seventh race was a pivotal decision for the winning ticketholder after Collation ($60) pulled an upset as the ninth betting choice. The final race was won by favored Banged His Eye ($5).

The ticket keyed Kilat ($8) in the third race, used three selections to find Lets Get Frisky ($43.40) in the fourth, had three selections to find favored Bright Thought ($5) in the fifth and had two picks to win the sixth race with Scary Ride ($12.80).

With two longshot winners in the sequence, some bettors expressed surprise that all of the 11 runners in the last leg were covered in the pick six.

A racing board spokesman indicated that the buyer of the $3,960 ticket purchased three other pick six tickets. The total cost of those tickets exceeded $9,000.

The ticket was purchased through Woodbine’s account wagering system, which processes account wagers for much of Canada, according to the racing board.

The $3,960 winning ticket was the last of four placed through the same account in an eight-minute sequence between 1:50 p.m. and 1:58 p.m., or six minutes before the off time of the start of the pick six, the racing board said.


Alan Grant More than 1 year ago
Ticket was treated as a P4 of first four legs: 1x3x3x2, a $36 play and the rest was gravy
Jason Kassa More than 1 year ago
only 3 deep in the FOURTH race ? ($43.40 winner) assuming he had the favorite tribal spy, that means he either tossed the Doug O'neill horse(ran2nd) or the FTS with Bejarano up. Very very strange for a 3K ticket. I had assumed the winner went deep in the mdn claiming 4th, but 3 deep doesn't sit right on this type of ticket.
David Smith More than 1 year ago
What is so unusual about this play?..This ticket makes 100% sense..Plus he played other tickets..The guy that hit the ticket was probably upset he didn't get the whole pool..That's how he played here..
Randy Baker More than 1 year ago
Maybe after a couple of these scores ,he brakes even some day but today he is king
Lawrence Redding More than 1 year ago
sounds to me like a sound logical ticket,not unusual at all. not lf you can afford to blow 9 grand.Its sucker bet for the average better.
rvraynmary More than 1 year ago
Sharks swim in Canadian waters!! Does this ticket holder have to pay income taxes on race winnings at tracks in the U.S.? STUCKINARIZONA
Suzanne Thomas More than 1 year ago
Yes, because it's income, no matter how or where it was obtained. The tax will be paid to wherever the ticket holder has his/her primary residence.
maclr11 More than 1 year ago
Canadians do not have to pay income tax on gambling winnings, so nope, no withholding, no signing, just cashing