01/09/2014 8:50PM

Santa Anita: Pick six becomes chalk-fest, pays $1,852


ARCADIA, Calif. - The pick six paid $1,852 at Santa Anita on Thursday, a day in which favorites and second choices swept the action.

The pool started with a carryover of $87,195 from Sunday. Bettors added a robust $613,830 to the pool on Thursday.

The winners of the pick six races were Ranulf ($5.80), Vegas Street ($5.60), Princess Genevieve ($3.60), Jovita’s Tuffy ($4.40), Power Foot ($7.20), and Secret Memo ($6.80). The first four winners of the pick six were favored. Power Foot and Secret Memo were the second choices. There were 224 winning tickets.

Thursday’s $1 super high five paid $813.90. The pool began with a carryover of $26,513 from Sunday. Bettors added $169,864 to the pool on Thursday.

The first five finishers in Thursday’s eighth race were Secret Memo, Rich in Tradition (8-1), Winninginfashion (6-1), Circular Logic (2-1 favorite), and Amina Perfect (7-1). The winning combination was 2-1-8-4-10.

sjm80s . 8 months ago
I love how people complain about payouts. If you won, you should have LOST. That would be better right?
sjm80s . 8 months ago
Most people will never win a Pick 6 in their lifetime. A pick 6 comes in that didn't require much handicapping and you numbskulls complain. I would have spent somewhere in the range of $12 - $24 on such a favorite ridden sequence. Collecting almost $2,000 with a swarm of others would have made me happy enough.
G 8 months ago
Thirteen years ago tomorrow, I hit a pick six at Santa Anita. Big fields, million dollar guaranteed pool, which was once the norm on bug days. I was in Vegas and spent $64 on my ticket. When I went to the teller to cash, he did a double take and asked me to wait a minute so he could check something. The payoff was $888.00 which included the 5 of 6 payoffs. A chalk fest can occur on any given day, at any given racetrack and has at many points in history.
Roger 8 months ago
When will the DRF ASK Santa Anita about the FAILURE of their Restricted 3 Doubles vs Rolling Doubles....after Day 10 the Doubles Handle is DOWN -$1,310,091.Bring back Rolling Doubles at 18% with a lower $1 minimum. Santa Anita is DOWN - $4.5 MILLION after Day 10 and yet DRF simply ignores this storyline.....why?
David Smith 8 months ago
betting suicide here..ny in january has better payoffs ..thats sad
Ron Solberg 8 months ago
i found out about 10 years ago they got other tracks. at one time sa. was my #1.
Ron Solberg 8 months ago
only at s.a.
wolves 8 months ago
actually, the p6 paid $75 at AQU a few weeks ago
Jacob Gabbani 8 months ago
harpharper . 8 months ago
And there's how many more months of this???
zerosumzen 8 months ago
The pick 6 carryover or a day of faves winning?
rahman Williams 8 months ago
Love Santa anita but this was a really bad card. The Msws were not even worth betting
Cyclops 8 months ago
$1,852 nice payout for those horses! If that was Aqueduct it wouldn't pay half of that.