03/10/2012 9:26PM

Santa Anita: Pedroza suspended seven days for malicious ride


Jockey Martin Pedroza has been suspended seven days by Santa Anita stewards for “willfully riding to cause interference” in the seventh race on March 4.

Pedroza was cited for his ride aboard Oh Righty, who finished sixth in a field of seven over six furlongs. Through the stretch, Oh Righty bumped repeatedly with eventual fifth-place finisher Put It There.

Put It There was ridden by leading rider Joel Rosario. On March 3, Rosario rode Gladding in the $750,000 Santa Anita Handicap. Gladding engaged Ultimate Eagle, ridden by Pedroza, in a speed duel through the first half-mile that led to both horses fading from contention.

Pedroza’s agent, Richie Silverstein, said on Saturday that the rider would not appeal the decision. The suspension covers seven racing days from Saturday, March 17, through Thursday, March 29.

The ruling, issued by Scott Chaney, Kim Sawyer, and Tom Ward, prohibits Pedroza from riding in designated races, or graded stakes, during the suspension.

Through Saturday, Pedroza ranked seventh in the standings with 22 wins.

Rosario leads all riders with 60 wins.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
well truth is Martin is getting punished as he should for a immature and uncalled for ride. but we're all human and make mistakes. Martin is non the same.. no doubt in my mind he is sorry for his action in this race. sometimes u just get so angry and caught up in the moment but this is unlike Martin. and everyone that knows Martin knows this. don't forget he was nominated for the GeorgeWoolf award by his fellow peers a few weeks before. anyways God Bless You Martin! and well always pray for and support u through your Highs and lows...
Ted Shezansky More than 1 year ago
Pedroza needed to address his issue with Rosario in the jocks room right after the Big Cap was run. The days of "getting even" out on the racetrack should have been over long ago. I really thought Pedroza was going to get 30 days. We don't need anymore crippled jockeys.
John Dutchy More than 1 year ago
If you have bad experiences with losing because of trips that you didn't expect, I am sorry. If you have the opibion that the racing is all fixed, then why are you betting? Also, this is a very immature move by Martin, but anyone who follows the California circuit knows that Martin had many magnificent rides. I hope Martin learns from this because, his behavior in this instance put others in grave danger. Best wishes Martin, can only control the future.
Nancy Elder More than 1 year ago
Martin Pedroza is a very good rider. they all have there share of bad rides. david Flores almost took our horse down by impeding him a few years back and the stewards did nothing, he good at that when he gets the led and someone is going to pass him. also how many times did PAT V ride a horse on drugs? Did anyone stop him. 14 times and still counting. and the only reason it stopped is because he retired.........thank god! causing infraction after infractions and nothing was done but a slap on the hand. really do you know what your talking about? Martin P. had a bad day as all jocks do there human like all of us. How many bad days have you had? cut anyone off in your car???didn't get caught by cops???really. get a life. Martin Pedroza is a good jock just gets to ride the 30-1 shot most of the time and does pretty well on them. how many times have you bet him on a long shot and took the money home. you bet you have! I've watch the Joel R & M.Smith and other big riders get all the best horses and don't always win. why because the horse didn't run that day. not the jockey. THE HORSE....they can only guide them and are about 10% of the win. Horse is 90% of the win! if he's got it then you win! Martin Pendroza you are a very Good Jockey! keep your head up.....
Kyri Freeman More than 1 year ago
LIke many people, I had bet Ultimate Eagle, and was horrified to see the fractions for the first half. It seems to me I have seen this horse stalk, so why not take him back off the pacesetter? As it is, he was rubber-legged late, which is part of why he slammed Thirtyfirststreet into the rail. He may not be able to come back to his top form (and now I hear they're thinking about the Charles Town Classic for him which seems like pure insanity). No one owes anyone an easy lead! And now other horses and riders were put at risk by Pedroza's immature behavior. This isn't the first time, and seven days is not enough. If I owned Ultimate Eagle he would be freshened and come back on turf with a different jockey!
Del Donaker More than 1 year ago
It's an outrage as it cheats the bettors and owners that had interests in either horse. And then it cheats horse racing as well.
Rob Tyler More than 1 year ago
Keep your head up Martin....only a couple months to Pomona, you 2nd rate minor leaguer....get a chance to ride a good horse in the Big Cap, and you showed the world what you really are, a low class, bullring riding king ham and egger....###n clown
Christopher Clark More than 1 year ago
you chump you have no clue
Bryan Tripoli More than 1 year ago
someone sounds like they lost some money on UIltimate Eagle
Ouragon More than 1 year ago
If you watch the races closely which I'm sure some of you don't, you would see that the jocks rig the outcomes.They don't try but when they bet, they ride like the dickens. i wonder how they get away with it? i know why..race track owners are scared to press any charges becuase it would look bad for the sport. never mind the trainers using illegal subsatnces.. so that is why horse racing will be dead sooner that you think. i'm sorry but the trend says i've been right.
Joe More than 1 year ago
They get away with it because there isn't an Internal Affairs in racing. There is inconsistent riding and stealing from the patrons every race. Just watch Dominguez in NY and you'll know. The horsemen are thieves and there isn't any way to stop them until people stop throwing their money away and stop going to the track. Bet Fair will clean this up a bit IF the horsemen let them in which they probably won't.
Rob Beaudoin More than 1 year ago
Ya Moronagon you're right on. Jockeys make good and bad decisions just like any of us would with a split second decision. You give the jockeys way to much credit, half of them have a 3rd grade education but you think they all sit down and come up with a master plan to fix races. If jockeys don't win they don't make any real money. I'm not saying no races have ever been fixed, but I gurantee it's 1/1000 and even half of those don't pan out the way they intended. Clearly you've never done more than watch races on TVG or you wouldn't have such a clueless response. If you don't like the game, stay away from it!!
Joe More than 1 year ago
I've seen a lot more than a few on TVG Rob. Why is there protection for the players in Europe but nothing in the US. These guys have a license to steal with no recourse. If there is inconsistent betting on a college game the Feds and Nevada Gaming gets involved. Who is the authority in racing?? What is a moronagon? I guess I would need an idiot dictionary to find out. Crawl out from under that rock you mope.
Ryan Soriano More than 1 year ago
Serves him right. No one told him to go 44 and 109 in change going 1 1/4. Why not take a hold and let Rosario go. If Rosario wants to go, so be it It's a horse race for big money and no one is going to gift you a gift on the lead. His mistake, not Joel. He should have adapted, and he did not. This is a classic example why Marty P will NEVER, EVER be a top class rider other than Journeyman. He does not have the head for it. Never had, never will. In my opinion the punishment is not enough. He will never learn.
Matthew Gorman More than 1 year ago
He got off lucky with only 7 days! He should have been suspended for his race in the Big Cap as well!