01/04/2013 5:50PM

Santa Anita launches pick six bonus program


ARCADIA, Calif. - Santa Anita has launched a program that pays a 20 percent bonus to ontrack pick six winners who are part of the track’s Thoroughbreds frequent customer program.

The bonus system, which began on Jan. 1, awards a 20 percent bonus for tickets with all six winners, provided that the ticketholder is part of the Thoroughbreds program and presents a membership card to a mutuel clerk before placing the pick six bet. The bonus is also available to Thoroughbreds customers who place pick six tickets ontrack via a smart phone.

The bonus is not being offered at simulcast locations or through account-wagering providers. In addition, the bonus will not be offered on days with a pick six carryover.

There is no charge to join the track’s Thoroughbreds program.

Through January, the track will offer a retroactive bonus to ontrack customers who hit the pick six but have yet to sign up for the Thoroughbreds program. To be eligible for the retroactive bonus, customers must bring their winning pick six tickets to an information window to complete the necessary documentation.


Anonymous More than 1 year ago
great idea
MikeH More than 1 year ago
I beleive this to be unfair to horse players betting off track or at simulcast loactions. Our funds go into the same pool without the same benefits if we happen to hit the pik 6.
Mike B More than 1 year ago
It's an incentive to come to the track and watch/wager in person. Offtrack wagering is a big convenience