10/12/2014 4:17PM

San Nicola Thunder holds off late charge to win Bunty Lawless

Michael Burns
San Nicola Thunder held off a late charge from Iroquois Falls on Sunday to win the Bunty Lawless Stakes at Woodbine.

ETOBICOKE, Ontario – San Nicola Thunder held off a charging Iroquois Falls in the final furlong to take the $125,000 Bunty Lawless Stakes under Justin Stein at Woodbine on Sunday.

San Nicola Thunder raced in fourth on the backstretch of the one-mile route for Ontario-sired stock, as Warbred set moderate fractions over firm ground. San Nicola Thunder made a wide bid to the lead early in the stretch and got home on top by a neck over Iroquois Falls. Warbred faded to third, and the favored Pender Harbor wound up fourth after starting slowly and racing wide all the way.

San Nicola Thunder ($7.40) completed the distance in 1:35.89 and collected $75,000 for owners Paul Cooper and Joe Pirone.

“He loves the mile distance and the hard turf,” said Stein. “We had a good trip. It worked out well. He ran very game down the lane. He’s an honest horse.”

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