08/06/2001 11:00PM

Sam Houston


Sam Houston Race Park in Houston will offer a new pick three wager that includes races from Los Alamitos in Los Angeles starting Thursday. The Texas Goldrush Pick 3 will be offered on the ninth and 10th races at Sam Houston, and will be linked with various races from Los Alamitos, depending on post times at the California track.

Takeout on the wager will be a reduced 12 percent.

"We have noted that many patrons at Los Alamitos are wagering on our races," said Bob Bork, general manager of Sam Houston.

"This gives us a great opportunity to cross-promote the excellent American Quarter Horse racing from Texas and California."

Bork said Los Alamitos patrons wager an average $200,000 a night on Quarter Horses races from Sam Houston. The Texas Goldrush will be offered for the remainder of the Quarter Horse meet at Sam Houston, which runs through Sept. 16.