06/13/2013 5:50PM

Ruidoso Downs bars trainer after death of horse


Quarter Horse trainer Alonso Orozco has been banned from running horses at Ruidoso Downs, effective this weekend, after one of his starters, Cartel Quick, died on Monday, a day after winning the $750,000 Ruidoso Futurity, track officials said.

Ruidoso's general manager, Shaun Hubbard, said on Thursday that Orozco will not be permitted to start horses pending an official state necropsy report on Cartel Quick. Owner Sergio Enriquez said earlier this week that Cartel Quick died of kidney failure.

Hubbard said that the trainer was to be permitted to run a horse on Friday who was entered to race before the Ruidoso Futurity.

"He will not be welcome at Ruidoso," Hubbard said of Orozco. "We have the grounds of exclusion from private property."

Orozco did not attend the Ruidoso Futurity to spend time in Mexico with his ill father, Enriquez said.

Cartel Quick was vanned from the racetrack to the test barn after the Ruidoso Futurity.

Enriquez said earlier this week that Cartel Quick was treated for dehydration at Orozco's barn, but took a turn for the worse early Monday morning and was euthanized.

Enriquez said on Thursday afternoon that he has yet to hear the results of the necropsy from the New Mexico State Racing Commission.

The death of Cartel Quick comes a year after a rash of nine positives for medication violations at Ruidoso Downs in May 2012.

Last September, Ruidoso Downs officials announced that the track would revoke the stalls of trainers who have horses test positive for medications in classes 1 or 2 during the 2013 meeting.



Levi Thedford More than 1 year ago
my brother was the jockey of this horse, its a sad shame he couldn't enjoy his win due to his horse tying up after the race(he has been saying since jan. that this horse was something special)! SO ppl know when the horse over heated the race track had no water buckets, water hoes, or oxygen around(a few ppl was able to gather 2-3 water buckets to poor on him that is not anuff to cool down a horse that is tied up and overheating from giving it his all)! I'm not saying the horse wasn't hopped I don't know im not the trainer only he knows! But this treating someone guilty before proven otherwise can really blow back up in Ruidoso's face if the horse comes back clean like the owner says!
606 More than 1 year ago
I've read elsewhere that your brother kicked and whipped this horse just to get him back to the winners' circle. And by the time he got there he could barely move. Why didn't he pull the horse up and get off him on the backstretch?
606 More than 1 year ago
This is the account I am referring to: I have a question that everyone seems to be overlooking regarding Cartel Quick. The horse was obviously in distress after the race. Why didn't the jockey didn't get off the horse on the back side of the track? I was at the races that day. The rider of the 4 horse pulled his up & let the van come get him but the jockey on Cartel Quick kicked & hit him all the way back to the winners circle. By the time the horse got back he couldn't even move. The people were trying to push the poor horse to the winners circle so the picture could be taken. The track finally realized what was going on & brought tarps out to block the public's view while they waited on the van. It was sickening & I doubt anything will be done about that. That was probably the final straw for Cartel Quick. The rider should have had enough sense to pull him up & not kick & whip him back around. My heart truly goes out to that animal who had to suffer his final hours.
Levi Thedford More than 1 year ago
See this is what happens when ppl speck with out knowing! He when to get off outriders and owners and Gatecrew was all telling him to make it!everyday horse have hard times makin it back and all jockeys tap with tere hills of there boots (if u know any form of riding ten u know that proper way to go) if u look at pictures like the win oictuer my bro head is down to the ground and wanted nothing to do with an Interveiw due to how everyone was handling the situation( no water buckets ppl acting like try don't know what to do(out back riders Gatecrew) as well as how everyone was trying to force him to get his horse n a win pic!
Levi Thedford More than 1 year ago
and i can promise you my brother has more common since on a horse than anyone writing on here! An anyone that knows him and has been involved with him and horses will tell you that!
Ken Wiener More than 1 year ago
Thanks to Levi Thedford for helping to explain this sickening series of events.
606 More than 1 year ago
I have to think after this experience he'll just get off the horse next time. Take care.
Mike B More than 1 year ago
Hopefully this murderer...er, trainer, will be deported for good after he finishes his prison term
Gambit More than 1 year ago
im sorry to say this but Shaun Hubbard is making us look bad by banning this trainer, if your going to ban someone it should be after the fact
Diana More than 1 year ago
my guess, he took water away from the horse much earlier than is usually done before a race to try to make him lighter, if the horse got Lasix besides, plus the heat of New Mexico, equals severe dehydration and his kidneys just couldn't keep up, poor baby...how about they take the win and the purse away, too? but leave the horse's name up as the winner, he died doing it, what was done to him wasn't his fault, but the humans involved shouldn't benefit; how about criminal charges of cruelty? if someone did that to their dog, it would be against the law, and this was even worse, it was for money
Sue Carter More than 1 year ago
Did he get to keep the purse?!