10/07/2009 11:00PM

Roll of a lifetime equals major payday


LAS VEGAS - Dohn Pegg had a weekend we all dream of.

At the Red Rock Resort, Spa and Casino, Pegg won $100,000 by picking 15 out of 15 games against the spread on a parlay card, another $60,000 for going 10 for 10 on a ties-win parlay card and another $454 and change on a $500 straight bet on the Indianapolis Colts.

A skeptic would assume that Pegg, a 73-year-old Las Vegas retiree, had a stack full of parlay cards and just happened to line up all the winners on those cards, but Pegg said that wasn't the case. His only other bet on the weekend was for $5 on Station Casino's Million Dollar Card, in which you have to go 20 for 20 to hit the jackpot. Pegg hit 17 of 20.

The $100,000 score cost Pegg $5, and he risked $100 on the ties win card. His total investment was $610, and he cashed $160,454.

"It was a dream weekend," Pegg said. "I could have retired back in Indiana, but I moved here 15 months ago mostly for the sports betting. I haven't put a dime in the slot machines, I just love to bet sports."

Pegg's decision certainly paid off, but he said it didn't come without anxious moments.

"Only four or five of the wins were easy," he said. "Everything else was doggone close. I got lucky a lot of times."

Heading into Sunday, Pegg needed two wins to go 10 for 10 on his ties wins card. He had the Patriots on both cards. With New England leading Baltimore 27-21, the Ravens had a chance to win in the final seconds, but came up short when a receiver dropped a pass near the end zone.

Pegg also had the Browns (+5 1/2) against the Bengals in a game that went into overtime.

"I was worried that a Bengals touchdown would beat me," he said. "No one was happier than me when they lined up for the field goal."

Cincinnati won, 23-20.

Pegg said he didn't play big parlay cards before and didn't know until last week that the Stations had the Million Dollar Card. The weekend marked only his second time playing these bets.

"I bet $500 on the Colts and won just over $450 and bet $5 on a card and won $100,000," he said. "Which way do you think I'm going to bet from now on?"

Back to the bankroll

Well, I didn't fare as well last weekend, going 1-3 with my plays in this space, including a 2-unit loss on the Lions vs. the Bears. I'm doing better in college football this year, tied for third place in the Leroy's College Challenge here in town, but I'm confident that the hot run of favorites in the NFL will cool off sooner rather than later. They're 36-26, or 58 percent, the same win rate as in 2005, the "year of the favorite."

Inspired by Pegg's feat, I'd be happy to string three wins together.

Bengals +8 vs. Ravens

The Bengals didn't look impressive vs. the Browns, but at least they squeaked out the victory, something they wouldn't have done in the past.

In their upset of the Steelers two weeks ago, the Bengals showed they can play with anyone, and I believe the Ravens are pretty similar to the Steelers on offense and defense.

That makes me confident the Bengals can hang with the Ravens in this key AFC North battle, which I don't see being decided by more than a touchdown.

PLAY: Bengals for 2 units.

Redskins +3 1/2 vs. Panthers

I've gone against the Redskins the last three weeks and won all three times, but that's because I thought oddsmakers were favoring them by too much.

Here's a case where the Redskins are underdogs, and I'm jumping on them. The Panthers are in disarray, and I'm not sure the bye week will help them. The Redskins' defense is playing well and should contain the Panthers' running game. As much as I haven't respected the Redskins so far this year, I've been impressed with how they've pulled out wins vs. the Rams and Buccaneers.

Okay, those aren't great accomplishments, but I like them here in a game that could come down to a field goal.

PLAY: Redskins for 1 unit.

Raiders +15 vs. Giants

Double-digit underdogs aren't doing as well as they were last season, when they started the season 17-1 against the spread. They're 2-5 against the spread this season.

There are a lot of ugly teams out there, so I can't just blindly jump in when we see a double-digit spread.

I like this game better than the other choices on the card - Rams vs. Vikings and Lions vs. Steelers. The Raiders should be able to move the ball on the ground, and hopefully, the Giants, who beat the Chiefs by only 11 last week, albeit on the road, are content to get out with the victory.

PLAY: Raiders for 1 unit.

Last week: 1-3, including 0-1 on my 2-unit play, for a net loss of 3.4 units (based on risking 1.1 units to win 1 unit). Season record: 5-9 for a net loss of 5.9 units.