03/29/2013 5:06PM

Rodriguez gets third flunixin positive


Rudy Rodriguez, trainer of undefeated Kentucky Derby hopeful Vyjack, is currently serving a 20-day suspension for two positive tests for Banamine and could face further penalties after a third horse of his tested positive for the same drug.

Majestic Marquet, who won a $51,000 starter/optional-claiming race at Aqueduct on March 10, tested positive for Banamine, according to Gustavo Rodriguez, Rudy’s brother and his assistant, who is overseeing the stable in his brother’s absence.

Officials from the New York State Gaming Commission wouldn’t comment on specifics of the positive. “It’s under investigation,” said Carmine Donofrio, the Gaming Commission steward at Aqueduct.

On March 16, Rodriguez began serving a 20-day suspension for the findings of Banamine, a brand of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory flunixin, which is akin to a medication like Aleve, in the post-race samples of two horses. They were Heiden, who won the last race on April 7, 2012, and Alston Gunter, who finished third in the first race Nov. 21. He also was fined $7,500.

Rodriguez was suspended 40 days for those positives but had half of the suspension stayed provided he did not have another positive for the next year. If this positive is confirmed, Rodriguez would most likely have to serve those 20 days plus whatever further penalty the state may assess.

Rodriguez is due to come off suspension April 4, two days before the Wood Memorial, which is expected to be Vyjack’s next start.

However, business acquaintances of Rodriguez believe the trainer was set up and are offering reward money for information that would help prove that assertion.

Michael Imperio, an owner who has horses with Rodriguez, said he was told by state investigators that the amount of Banamine found in Majestic Marquet “was 20 times the limit.” State officials would not confirm that fact.

Imperio said he is offering a $20,000 reward for information about the potential for foul play.

“Somebody set him up,” Imperio said.

Said Gustavo Rodriguez: “We’re very, very careful with what we do. Everything looks like we’ve been set up.”

assaf ronen More than 1 year ago
Banamin will not make a horse run so much faster if at all I think he was set up unless the vet gave the horse to much you can only give 10 cc 24 hours out
assaf ronen More than 1 year ago
Cheating or not a trainer like ruddy hurt the buisness he have 95 horses on the ground before you where could only have maximum 40 just think he can feel a race by him self he have 5 horses for each condition or more
Jack Nardi More than 1 year ago
It's obvious he learned from his teacher Rick Dutrow who he worked for, apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. It's time to set these cheaters down for years not months, he's another one who belongs in jail he's stealing just like a robber.
avlamal More than 1 year ago
alleve doesnt every player in the nfl take that on gameday this pettiness is ruining the game no wonder no one wants to race in ny- friggin ggestapo
avlamal More than 1 year ago
very obviously sabotage LIKE the dumb moron in 2002 breeders cuo pick six who bought or fixed 5 winnIng tickets how dumb was that how dumb is it to put thAT high of an overage of this aspirin whAT A DUMB MORON! ILL BET IT WAS A JACOBSEN OPERATIVE
Henry More than 1 year ago
nobody would give that much banamine sounds like the vet treated the wrong horse and gave him a second shot. you lose your purse money get days plus big fine you wouldn't do this on purpose
Ivan More than 1 year ago
I am willing to "help and pitch in" in the reward that the Angel of Mercy Mr. Imperio is offering for the "set up" case of trhe other Angel of Mercy Mr. Rodriguez a "WORSE THAN MEDIOCRE" journeyman that turned out to be a cross of Horatio Luro and Aiden O' Brien in effective horse training techniques. NOT!!!! I only would like to extend it to the reward that OJ SIMPSON was offering for the killers of his ex-wife and the gentleman that was killed with her....DO WE REMEMBER THAT CHARADE? PART II is HERE - right HERE under our noses... The Rodriguez OPERATION is a SHALLOW and SHADOW operation of the DUTROW SCHOOL OF TRAINING and OWNERSHIP and apparently he will be treated like a kid when he is acting like a man! We can choose to be IGNORANT and become accomplices of the destruction of this sport by this CLIQUE OF ..... or we can attempt to CLEAN ONCE and FOR ALL this sport. WE ARE with the DOPERS or AGAINST them --- there are no other options...not even IMPERIO or OJ SIMPSON REWARDS....
Dan More than 1 year ago
The talk of the backside is, Rudy got 6 positives for banamine, bargained down to 2, hence the huge fine. Also reduced days, if he doesn't get another positive for a year. That hasn't worked too well, has it?
jttf More than 1 year ago
so you are saying that new york racing officials are lieing to the racing fans again ? i thought they cleared out all of the riff raff ? i rarely bet new york racing.
Dan More than 1 year ago
The true test will be how hard they come down on Rudy. He currently owes 20 days as per his agreement. It is anticipated the he will get 60 more, and there is more to come. Sorry Rudy. Oh bye the way, Governor should also remove Dubb from reorganization board, just for his comments about banamine. It shows that he is unqualified as well as ignorant.
[removed] More than 1 year ago
This comment has been deleted
m More than 1 year ago
Well they setup Dutrow...why wouldn't they wanna take down his right hand man.
N Lad More than 1 year ago
Another guy who I'm forced to skip the race if I see his name in the entries. Can you trust the form without vet stats or knowledge of pre-race 'treats'?